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A tale of two industries


The aerospace industry in the UK is under severe pressure from the so-called low-cost economies. And a brief read of Rolls-Royce results for 2003 confirm it. The company is focusing on its core products and is driving ...

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Be global: buy local


Wales is celebrating the successful conclusion of a three-year project to get local automotive suppliers into the supply chains of big Tier 1s, resulting in a boost to the local economy in terms of jobs and extra local ...

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Manufacturing makeover


Initially unique, this Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility is now a model – the Inchinnan, Scotland compressor blade facility which will replace the Hillington facility near Glasgow follows, with completion due early 2005

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‘Sectorism’ and clusters


Aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive, all are identifiable sectors and all have their respective representative bodies around which the sector companies, often located in clusters, can rally and on whose behalf ...

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Sweet smell of coolant success


Jefferson Engineering Services has saved over £10,000 in the 18 months since it installed Rocol’s Tri-Logic metalworking fluid system

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Polished UK performance


In order to see billions of lights years into space with the greatest clarity yet possible, machining of glass mirror elements down to the nano-level is required, and a UK project aims to deliver the necessary machinery ...

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UK aerospace: make or break


The AIC will contract universities/research organisations to deliver against specific project objectives having immediate commercial benefit,with payment made only on their delivery.The projects will be decided through ...

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Another first for Airbus A380 – this time on water


The Chinese-built Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO) ship that is to transport A380 parts between the UK and various European Airbus manufacturing sites will have the largest ever water-tight door for such a vessel. Airbus will ...

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$110 million A400M composite wing spar contract for GKN


GKN Aerospace is to design, develop and supply complex carbon wing spars for the Airbus A400M future military airlifter programme. This contract is valued at $110 million and has “great strategic significance” for GKN ...

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Rolls-Royce claims Joint Strike Fighter hat-trick


Three key milestones have been achieved by Rolls-Royce in the development of the LiftSystem technology that enables the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) to meet its Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) ...

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Composites are coming


With the increasing use of composites in large civil aircraft, is composite parts production creeping up on unsuspecting metal machinists? Celanese AG’s technical polymer operation, Ticona, says composites have assembly ...

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A380 landing gear


Messier-Dowty, Bidos, France has delivered the first test A380 nose landing gear to Airbus UK, Filton. At 4.8 m tall when fully extended, it is the largest landing gear ever supplied by Messier-Dowty to Airbus

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Composite claim


Machine-standard manufacturing tolerances of 0.16 mm have been brought to the production of composite parts for the first time, claims GKN Aerospace Services (GKNAS). Over 250 jobs will be secured by the grant, which ...

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Step-change investment


To succeed in the aerospace contract manufacturing market, you must invest in the best equipment available, says CML. Its recent actions demonstrate just that. Investment in technology at CML is seen as a partnership ...