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The final piece


Rolls-Royce is bridging the gap between university research and production via Rotherham-based Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and more of the same.

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Indian Ocean manufacturing


When a West Country-based engineering group decided to create a low-cost offering for its aerospace customers, it didn’t follow the conventional route of adding a sourcing operation to its manufacturing activities.

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Competing cleverly


Renishaw probing is the foundation on which two companies, one a mould tool maker another an aerospace sub-contractor, have built smart manufacturing. But it is not the only technological element, as Machinery discovers.

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Making it big


Today’s heavy engineering is very much hi-tech, encompassing everything from power generation and oil exploration, through to yellow goods, large machinery and aircraft wings.

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Continual innovation


Gildemeister Group machine tool sales company DMG's annual Open House held in Pfronten, Bavaria, Southern Germany in February came just a few months after the major EMO exhibition last year at which it unveiled a ...

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Network delivers composites knowledge


Launched in 2004, the National Composites Network was the first KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) established by the Technology Strategy Board and forms part of the broader Materials KTN. Although the NCN is a company ...

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Flights of productivity


With the aerospace sector buzzing, upping capacity while also improving productivity is the order of the day for many active in the sector.

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Astronomical accuracy


The largest lightweight beryllium optic that has ever been made that will form a central element in the James Webb infrared optimised Space Telescope (JWST), due for launch in June 2013 to study phases in the history of ...

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Tomorrow's materials today


Composites provides a number of manufacturing challenges for those more familiar with processing conventional metal or plastic components. Unfortunately, machining composites demands the application of specific ...

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Stellar precision


Bedfordshire’s Cranfield University, which since the 1960s has been able to boast a long line of R&D facilities, has unveiled the latest building that adds further to its Precision Engineering Centre. The Hexagon Loxham ...

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Informed engineering


Glasgow-based Castle Precision Engineering is run by a man who is part of an entrepreneurial family with an enviable record of success. IT is a crucial element.

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Exotics machining


Manufacturing components from titanium demands certain specialist know-how, nowhere more than in the selection and application of cutting fluids. As the sole UK agent for Blaser Swisslube AG, the Swiss-based ...

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Automating aerospace


Next year is crucial for the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft: it is due to make its first flight. At the company’s wing manufacturing plant in Filton, Bristol a new way was required to automate and accelerate ...

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Sitting comfortably


Flight-deck seat specialist IPECO is investing hard to keep up with demand from existing and new business areas. The twin towers attack in September 2001 hit the civil aerospace industry hard, but one of the effects was ...

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Capacity in Cornwall


Rather than resign itself to the fate that has befallen many manufacturing firms in Cornwall, WES and a group of other small engineering companies, is fighting back.

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The journey of 1000 miles….


Starts with the first step. And metalcutters in the aerospace sector are setting out on a journey towards the world of composites as their use continues to grow.