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This month 25 years ago: November 1991


Manufacturing’s image; Cincinnati Milacron – another low-cost VMC, eyes growing market share; Yamazaki Machinery UK one of the 10 best in the world; Renishaw easy accuracy check; modular fixturing; gang-tooled lathes; ...

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Innovation in aerospace turning


A next generation of multi-tasking machines has been developed and implemented by Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen (NSI) for ‘closed door’ machining of critical aerospace components.

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Minding the gap: training the next generation


Ford Engineering Group’s pre-apprenticeship training programme is being refreshed with a new provider and new teaching facilities that may also double up as a training facility for Haas Automation in the future. Will ...

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WFL goes large(r)


News that expert large mill-turn lathe maker WFL has developed a larger example maybe doesn’t sound like earth-shattering news. But making a larger machine doesn’t just mean simply stretching the previous model, as ...

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Aerospace additive manufacturing


Some of the most exciting applications of additive manufacturing (AM) can be found in the aerospace sector. Machinery profiles some of the many R&D projects currently ongoing behind the scenes. Airbus, in particular, is ...

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A little help from my friends


For mutual support, some small manufacturers are coming together to form collective networks. More tightly joined than trade associations or social groups, but having fewer formal ties than sister companies, they show ...

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Birth of a challenger


Described as a cross between an F1 car, a fast fighter jet and a space ship, the project to build the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge car has begged, bought and borrowed componentry from motorsport, aerospace ...

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Walter's way


Innovation is a major business focus of the Germany-based cutting tool maker that strives to match the tool to the process context: doing so takes into account both cutting strategies and machine tool parameters

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Supersonic boom


The demand for new aeroplanes doesn’t show any signs of going away, at least according to recent reports of the UK and Middle Eastern markets

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A new way to make blisks


Delcam and Technicut have developed a process that, they claim, reduces the time and cost to manufacture an aeroengine blisk by about half, using new tooling and a new toolpath approach. Will Dalrymple reports

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Streamlining supply


Despite a few lean years and limited MoD opportunities, UK defence suppliers are rebuilding the UK supply chain. Will Dalrymple explains

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Titanium benchmark demonstrations


At its recent Ti Benchmark Days in Rorschach, Switzerland, Starrag gave demonstrations on a variety of typical titanium aerospace workpieces using a range of Starrag machining centres