Already operating ETG-supplied machines, a Hardinge 5AX 500XP3 5-axis machining centre (700, 590, 430 mm; X,Y,Z) and a Hardinge XR1000 vertical machining centre (1,020,610, 610 mm; X,Y,Z) equipped with a Nikken table for, in the main, larger workpieces, the company, which is based on the Hillington Industrial Estate, Glasgow, wanted a combination of power and precision from the core 3-axis machine plus single-process 5-axis machining.

Euroscot is a Tier 1 supplier for a number of major defence equipment contractors. Batches rarely exceed the low hundreds and so minimal downtime when changing programmes, set-ups and tooling from one component to another is required in such a fast-moving environment. The wide range of materials machined includes stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, Inconel, bronze, various exotic alloys and composites, all of which are well within the capabilities of the 12,000 rpm, 40-taper, Big face-and-taper spindle connection MV184 machining centre. A 30-tool capacity ATC, 20 bar through-spindle coolant and linear scale feedback are included, while Euroscot’s machine is also equipped with Blum LaserControl NT tool setting system and Blum TC50 touch-probe (01283 569691).

Explains the company’s managing director, Ian Rorison: “The Quaser with the rotary table gives us a highly effective 5-axis capability that has streamlined many aspects of our operation. Other vertical machining centres in the shop are perfectly capable, but each operation requires the workpiece to be manually re-set in the vice and that adds setting time to the operation, as well as putting pressure on the machine scheduling.

“With the Quaser, we are achieving high precision, repeatable machining to ±0.01 mm, without having to remove the component. We start with a pre-cut billet and conclude with a completed workpiece machined in a single process.”

Adds senior engineer John McMillan: “In effect, we are benefiting in five ways from the machine – productivity, flexibility, precision, processing and operator efficiency.”

This article was published in the July 2016 issue of Machinery magazine.