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This month 25 years ago: March 1991


Environmental legislation; investment boost request; Mitutoyo starts UK manufacture; Hurco in-house CADCAM development; rotary forging club; EU and national industrial policy in the news; machining centre developments

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Briefing - Compressed air efficiency - ISO 11011:2013


A new standard, ISO 11011:2013, defines requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a compressed air system assessment. Stephen Boults, capital equipment manager at Thorite (01274 66347), explains all to ...

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Cost-effective energy efficiency solutions


This is just one topic that will be up for discussion at 'Answers for Industry' (www.siemens.co.uk/afi), a major conference and exhibition hosted by Siemens, on 4 and 5 July, at Manchester Central Convention Complex. ...

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Green supply chains


Andrew Allcock asks whether the legislation-driven greenhouse gas reduction activities of larger companies will trickle down the supply chain. There is a sense of inevitability about it, he suggests

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Premium service


Established coolant firm Rocol operates in the premium products arena, but argues its products are increasingly relevant to an industry making high added value parts. Andrew Allcock reports

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Shades of green


It ain't easy being green. The law of unintended consequences appears time and again as we opt for green choices only to discover they're not.

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Still cleaning up


With legislation on solvent use becoming more and more restrictive, Clive Ward, general manager of the Clean-Tek product range at the Wheelabrator Group, reminds industry that there is a ban on trichloroethylene (Trike) ...

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Cleaner cleaning


The arrival of the SED on 31 October signalled a new dawn for manufacturing companies across the UK. The days of open-top solvent degreasing tanks are being confined to the history books, and written documentation ...

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Environment Matters


Nearly three-quarters of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) polled in a NegRegs’ commissioned YouGov survey released recently, believe good environmental practice is important to small businesses, and nearly ...

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Environment Matters


Degreasing, coolant use and abuse, swarf handling, waste disposal; not sexy, but they are issues that all metalcutters/metalformers have to tackle. A new, one-day event offers manufacturers answers and solutions. ...

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Superficially green images


Carbon footprint, recycling, sustainability, alternative energy, work-at-home day – the media is awash with green issues and related commentary, and governments, countries, companies and individuals are increasingly ...