Coolants / Cutting oils

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Cool technology


How to select a coolant scientifically; prolonging the life of coolant at Airbus; and coolant management at a subcontractor offers lean benefits. Machinery reports

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Abrasive adventures


The UK's first use of a Taiyo Koki vertical grinding machine; Yamazaki Mazak returns to Studer for updated technology; plus latest grinding technology developments Subcontractor

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Formula for success


Coolant developer Master Chemical Europe is celebrating 20 years in the UK. Its coolant formulation R&D strength has been and continues to be a key strength, as Andrew Allcock discovers

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Not an optional extra


The management of cutting fluids should not be considered a 'necessary evil', especially those working in high added value areas and with exotic materials. Steve Coull, managing director at Jemtech (UK), explains why

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Cutting oil and coolant developments


Andrew Allcock reviews recent cutting oil and coolant developments. The removal of biocide donors, a neat oil for gear hobbing with carbide hobs, along with a three-in-one solution are just some of his findings

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High pressure coolant


Citizen sliding-head users are keen on high pressure coolant, delivered via Citizen's own CoolBlaster system, as Andrew Allcock discovers (<i>This is an extended version of a feature first published in January 2010</I>)

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Coolant considered


One sub-contractor discovered that lower-cost coolant didn't mean lower costs, while, for another, the adoption of air filtration systems across its machine shop is paying dividends. Machinery explains

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Professional image


Machinery visited 50-man Higar Engineering and heard and saw how a world class precision sub-contractor operates. The establishment of robust processes at all levels is key, he found

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Premium service


Established coolant firm Rocol operates in the premium products arena, but argues its products are increasingly relevant to an industry making high added value parts. Andrew Allcock reports

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Bad [coolant] science


Scare stories and mis-information abound in the national press, but as technical people we are better informed, aren’t we? Perhaps not

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Coolant conundrums


Health and safety issues solved; the successful removal of grinding sludge; minimal quantity lubrication; and a unique, ‘safe’ coolant product.

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Farnborough International Airshow 2008


As Farnborough International Airshow celebrates 60 years, the 2008 event will be the biggest ever in terms of exhibition space and exhibitor presence. Manufacturing technology suppliers are increasingly attending the ...

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Coolant use and abuse


A new HSE publication regarding coolant sumps and bacterial contamination is intended to help manufacturers comply with COSHH regulations.

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Exotics machining


Manufacturing components from titanium demands certain specialist know-how, nowhere more than in the selection and application of cutting fluids. As the sole UK agent for Blaser Swisslube AG, the Swiss-based ...

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Environment Matters


Nearly three-quarters of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) polled in a NegRegs’ commissioned YouGov survey released recently, believe good environmental practice is important to small businesses, and nearly ...

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Power play investments


Progressive manufacturers demonstrating a proven track record of investment are finding reward in the UK’s burgeoning energy industry.