Coolants / Cutting oils

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MACH 2020 preparations


MACH2020 ( will take place from 20-24 April, 2020 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. It will be the second show since the move to new halls, with the event last year attracting 25,000+ ...

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Managing coolant: the machinery options


A variety of web-based services and automated machinery is helping machine tool operators manage, monitor and maintain metalworking fluids, as Will Dalrymple reports

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Changing everything


In 10 years, honing expert Delapena has actually travelled many decades to arrive at the success it is today, in terms of its current machine tool technology, in-house working practices and service offerings. Andrew ...

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Well-oiled production


Already involved in prolonging coolant life and reducing consumption, Environmental Technologies is adding premium metalworking fluids to complete the package and drive further benefit

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MQL - the case for


Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) has been around for many years. Andrew Allcock reviews the process in brief and talks to two of its proponents, while providing a round-up of other relevant news. Picture: Some MQL ...

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Unfamiliar benefits


Andrew Allcock introduces two companies and their products less well known in the UK and rounds up with introductions from more familiar names

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Coolant developments


Andrew Allcock revisits coolants developments, viewed through the lens of REACH legislation, explaining the background and companies' responses (an extended web version - includes multiple video links )