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What does 'clean' mean?


A new standard originating in the German automotive industry sets out just how clean ‘clean’ is. For those supplying onto the automotive industry, it will become increasingly common.

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Cascade deburring debut


Iowa Engineered Processes Corp’s patented deburring Cascade process combines a controlled flow of media, liquid cleaning compound and high frequency oscillations to produce a mix of burnishing, peening and shearing ...

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Help available for solvent addicts


The Montreal Protocol was negotiated and signed by 24 countries and by the European Economic Community in September 1987. The Protocol called for the parties to phase down the use of CFCs, halons and other man-made ...

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Keeping it clean


H+S Aviation eliminated the use of trichloroethylene (Trike) in 2004 which in turn reduced the use of solvents by 55 per cent at its workshop facilities in Portsmouth. The benefits have been a reduction in solvents to ...

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It’s not illegal, you know


For those considering their cleaning and degreasing plant the most contentious issue is whether trike can still be used safely following its reclassification to R45 and the recent introduction of the Solvent Emissions ...

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No substitute for trike?


A cursory Internet search on trichloroethylene (trike) and its use as a solvent and cleaning agent in applications such as metal degreasing provides for some interesting and pretty forthright discussion. In some chat ...

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A change for the better


A change from trichloroethylene-based solvent cleaning methods is increasingly necessary, but not straightforward. It took leading Aerospace Manufacturing Facility (AMF) Alstom Lincoln more than two years to investigate ...