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Particularly clean


The hydraulics industry has stringent demands for component cleanliness. One manufacturer has met these by employing Kerry aqueous degreasing

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Chemical attack


How many production engineers can genuinely claim to know exactly which solvents are legal or the potential risks associated with each? Steed Webzell reports

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Medical procedures


Precision turned parts sub-contractor Unicut Precision has won substantial medical sector business. Machinery heard about the company's journey and some of the key attributes in it success

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Solvent solutions


Aerospace part manufacturer Goodrich has replaced 24 solvent degreasing units with just four MecWash units, while a new product release holds out promise for other solvent users

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Aerospace challenges


Andrew Allcock reviews recent aerospace manufacturing applications. They take in EDM, machining and degreasing. All are made in pursuit of increased productivity.

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Trike tribulations


Anyone thinking tricholoroethylene (trike) is banned, has heard wrong. Simply by controlling the risks manufacturers are legally free to continue using this high performance solvent.

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Still cleaning up


With legislation on solvent use becoming more and more restrictive, Clive Ward, general manager of the Clean-Tek product range at the Wheelabrator Group, reminds industry that there is a ban on trichloroethylene (Trike) ...

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Cleaner cleaning


The arrival of the SED on 31 October signalled a new dawn for manufacturing companies across the UK. The days of open-top solvent degreasing tanks are being confined to the history books, and written documentation ...

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Environment Matters


Nearly three-quarters of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) polled in a NegRegs’ commissioned YouGov survey released recently, believe good environmental practice is important to small businesses, and nearly ...

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Ignorance won't wash


The Solvent Emissions Directive sees its final UK deadline on 31 October. Do you know what it means? If you clean metal components with solvents, you should. There are plenty of alternatives or even safe ways to ...

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Watering down the rules


With water very much in the news, industry's treatment of waste water is similarly under the spotllight. But even the UK's relatively tolerant regime is being flouted, according to Wheelabrator Group's Colin Worthington.

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'Washing day' looms


This year (2006) brings the Solvent Emissions Regulations 2004 applications deadline - 31 October. Many still using solvent degreasing will need to have acted. So, what are your washing and degreasing alternatives?

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MSP cleans up its act


Sub-contract turned parts manufacturer MSP, Coleshill, has seen a 75 per cent reduction in component cleaning time, environmental improvement and more consistent product quality following the installation of a MecWash ...

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Strength in breadth


Last year, seven individual surface finishing brands were brought under the umbrella of the Wheelabrator Group. So if you wondered what happened to those surface finishing firms previously sailing under the ISP, and ...