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Watering down the rules


With water very much in the news, industry's treatment of waste water is similarly under the spotllight. But even the UK's relatively tolerant regime is being flouted, according to Wheelabrator Group's Colin Worthington.

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'Washing day' looms


This year (2006) brings the Solvent Emissions Regulations 2004 applications deadline - 31 October. Many still using solvent degreasing will need to have acted. So, what are your washing and degreasing alternatives?

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MSP cleans up its act


Sub-contract turned parts manufacturer MSP, Coleshill, has seen a 75 per cent reduction in component cleaning time, environmental improvement and more consistent product quality following the installation of a MecWash ...

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Strength in breadth


Last year, seven individual surface finishing brands were brought under the umbrella of the Wheelabrator Group. So if you wondered what happened to those surface finishing firms previously sailing under the ISP, and ...

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What does 'clean' mean?


A new standard originating in the German automotive industry sets out just how clean ‘clean’ is. For those supplying onto the automotive industry, it will become increasingly common.

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Grinding – coolant counts


Cutting tool maker ITC has recently purchased two new Rollomatic grinding machines to manufacture its small tools (from 0.5 mm diameter) and an additional Walter grinding machine. It has supported these with a new ...

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Cascade deburring debut


Iowa Engineered Processes Corp’s patented deburring Cascade process combines a controlled flow of media, liquid cleaning compound and high frequency oscillations to produce a mix of burnishing, peening and shearing ...

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Help available for solvent addicts


The Montreal Protocol was negotiated and signed by 24 countries and by the European Economic Community in September 1987. The Protocol called for the parties to phase down the use of CFCs, halons and other man-made ...

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Less coolant can be more


The UK lags North America and Germany in MQL – minimum quantity lubrication. But this could change if plans to introduce a new transmission line at Halewood on Merseyside go ahead

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Producing ‘green’ gears


Dry cutting of gear-related products is without doubt the most significant advancement of technology in the gear industry worldwide during the last 10 years

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Keeping it clean


H+S Aviation eliminated the use of trichloroethylene (Trike) in 2004 which in turn reduced the use of solvents by 55 per cent at its workshop facilities in Portsmouth. The benefits have been a reduction in solvents to ...

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Environmental concern


Environmental negligence can devastate a business, leading to large financial penalties, operational shutdown, loss of customer confidence and brand damage – factors that threaten business continuity

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Quantifiably clean


The UK tops the European league table for landfill, disposing of over half its industrial and commercial waste in this way

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Cleaner manufacturing


Yamazaki Mazak UK gained accreditation to ISO 14001 in 1998, but there’s new impetus in its environmental activities of late. The last two or three years have seen renewed focus on environmental issues, under the title ...