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Trike tribulations


Anyone thinking tricholoroethylene (trike) is banned, has heard wrong. Simply by controlling the risks manufacturers are legally free to continue using this high performance solvent.

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Bad [coolant] science


Scare stories and mis-information abound in the national press, but as technical people we are better informed, aren’t we? Perhaps not

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Coolant conundrums


Health and safety issues solved; the successful removal of grinding sludge; minimal quantity lubrication; and a unique, ‘safe’ coolant product.

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Shades of green


It ain't easy being green. The law of unintended consequences appears time and again as we opt for green choices only to discover they're not.

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Farnborough International Airshow 2008


As Farnborough International Airshow celebrates 60 years, the 2008 event will be the biggest ever in terms of exhibition space and exhibitor presence. Manufacturing technology suppliers are increasingly attending the ...

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Still cleaning up


With legislation on solvent use becoming more and more restrictive, Clive Ward, general manager of the Clean-Tek product range at the Wheelabrator Group, reminds industry that there is a ban on trichloroethylene (Trike) ...

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Coolant use and abuse


A new HSE publication regarding coolant sumps and bacterial contamination is intended to help manufacturers comply with COSHH regulations.

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Cleaner cleaning


The arrival of the SED on 31 October signalled a new dawn for manufacturing companies across the UK. The days of open-top solvent degreasing tanks are being confined to the history books, and written documentation ...

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Exotics machining


Manufacturing components from titanium demands certain specialist know-how, nowhere more than in the selection and application of cutting fluids. As the sole UK agent for Blaser Swisslube AG, the Swiss-based ...

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Environment Matters


Nearly three-quarters of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) polled in a NegRegs’ commissioned YouGov survey released recently, believe good environmental practice is important to small businesses, and nearly ...

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Power play investments


Progressive manufacturers demonstrating a proven track record of investment are finding reward in the UK’s burgeoning energy industry.

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Superficially green images


Carbon footprint, recycling, sustainability, alternative energy, work-at-home day – the media is awash with green issues and related commentary, and governments, countries, companies and individuals are increasingly ...

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Environment Matters


Degreasing, coolant use and abuse, swarf handling, waste disposal; not sexy, but they are issues that all metalcutters/metalformers have to tackle. A new, one-day event offers manufacturers answers and solutions. ...

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Ignorance won't wash


The Solvent Emissions Directive sees its final UK deadline on 31 October. Do you know what it means? If you clean metal components with solvents, you should. There are plenty of alternatives or even safe ways to ...

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Coolants and coolant management


Selecting the right coolant and then maintaining it are key elements in machine shop efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Oel-Held manufactures over 100 cutting oils/coolants, plus tailor-made blends. Correct choice ...