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Safety concern


Andrew Allcock discovers that the new, updated Machinery Directive is causing some confusion. There are issues for machine tool buyers, suppliers and manufacturers, he explains <b>(Extended online version)</b>

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Abrasive adventures


The UK's first use of a Taiyo Koki vertical grinding machine; Yamazaki Mazak returns to Studer for updated technology; plus latest grinding technology developments Subcontractor

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Particularly clean


The hydraulics industry has stringent demands for component cleanliness. One manufacturer has met these by employing Kerry aqueous degreasing

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Formula for success


Coolant developer Master Chemical Europe is celebrating 20 years in the UK. Its coolant formulation R&D strength has been and continues to be a key strength, as Andrew Allcock discovers

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Green supply chains


Andrew Allcock asks whether the legislation-driven greenhouse gas reduction activities of larger companies will trickle down the supply chain. There is a sense of inevitability about it, he suggests

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Not an optional extra


The management of cutting fluids should not be considered a 'necessary evil', especially those working in high added value areas and with exotic materials. Steve Coull, managing director at Jemtech (UK), explains why

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Cutting oil and coolant developments


Andrew Allcock reviews recent cutting oil and coolant developments. The removal of biocide donors, a neat oil for gear hobbing with carbide hobs, along with a three-in-one solution are just some of his findings

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High pressure coolant


Citizen sliding-head users are keen on high pressure coolant, delivered via Citizen's own CoolBlaster system, as Andrew Allcock discovers (<i>This is an extended version of a feature first published in January 2010</I>)

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Chemical attack


How many production engineers can genuinely claim to know exactly which solvents are legal or the potential risks associated with each? Steed Webzell reports

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Coolant considered


One sub-contractor discovered that lower-cost coolant didn't mean lower costs, while, for another, the adoption of air filtration systems across its machine shop is paying dividends. Machinery explains

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Professional image


Machinery visited 50-man Higar Engineering and heard and saw how a world class precision sub-contractor operates. The establishment of robust processes at all levels is key, he found

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Medical procedures


Precision turned parts sub-contractor Unicut Precision has won substantial medical sector business. Machinery heard about the company's journey and some of the key attributes in it success

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Solvent solutions


Aerospace part manufacturer Goodrich has replaced 24 solvent degreasing units with just four MecWash units, while a new product release holds out promise for other solvent users

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Premium service


Established coolant firm Rocol operates in the premium products arena, but argues its products are increasingly relevant to an industry making high added value parts. Andrew Allcock reports

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Aerospace challenges


Andrew Allcock reviews recent aerospace manufacturing applications. They take in EDM, machining and degreasing. All are made in pursuit of increased productivity.