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Squeaky-clean components


Aqueous cleaning of valves; combined aqueous and solvent cleaning of aircraft fasteners; solvent cleaning of defence parts; precision aqueous cleaning of auto parts; and blasting and washing of bearing seal surfaces. ...

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Unfamiliar benefits


Andrew Allcock introduces two companies and their products less well known in the UK and rounds up with introductions from more familiar names

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Cost-effective energy efficiency solutions


This is just one topic that will be up for discussion at 'Answers for Industry' (www.siemens.co.uk/afi), a major conference and exhibition hosted by Siemens, on 4 and 5 July, at Manchester Central Convention Complex. ...

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'Trike' on trial


Trichloroethylene is already banned, is going to be banned...neither is true. Andrew Allcock explains this confused and confusing area, following a Kumi Solutions/Safechem Europe event held in March

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Trichloroethylene truth


Machinery received a press release recently that screeched: "Industry Faces New Burdens as Banned Chemicals List is Tripled", in relation to the REACH process (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of ...

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Coolant developments


Andrew Allcock revisits coolants developments, viewed through the lens of REACH legislation, explaining the background and companies' responses (an extended web version - includes multiple video links )

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Energy sector invests to satisfy demand


The demand for power shows no signs of letting up. Steed Webzell reports on a positively vibrant energy sector, for manufacturers prepared to invest, that is

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Cool technology


How to select a coolant scientifically; prolonging the life of coolant at Airbus; and coolant management at a subcontractor offers lean benefits. Machinery reports