2D CNC Machinery (https://is.gd/enojok)

Reiden’s (Hall 13, Stand B53) latest addition to its Technik RX-Series of combination 5-axis universal milling and turning machining centres (below) incorporates the company’s patented double-drive spindle technology (DDT), with the new machine developed around Hydropol, a rigid specialised concrete and steel composite, used for the bed and column, which can be completely recycled.

DDT spindles have two separate motors built into the same housing, connected via a bevel gear drive coupling arrangement. Hydraulic power is used to engage or disengage the higher torque system. More conventional spindle options are offered, too.

The machine has axis travels of 1,300 mm in X, 1,450 mm in Y, and 1,000 mm in Z and will be demonstrated in cell form with a two-pallet system.

Reiden's latest addition to its Technik RX-Series of combination 5-axis universal milling and turning machining centres will be on show

C Dugard (https://is.gd/unuqub)

The new WHT 110 from Tos Varnsdorf (Hall 13, Stand B75) is a horizontal machine tool suitable for demanding operations that call for precise drilling, tapping, vertical turning or milling. The WHT 110 can be configured with a wide range of additional capabilities, such as automatic exchange of pallets, tools, special accessories, additional boring and turning machines and several other accessories.

Citizen Machinery UK (https://is.gd/ajoxim)

Low frequency vibration (LFV) technology and integrated laser processing incorporated into turn-milling operational sequences will be major features on the Citizen Machinery stand (Hall 26, Stand D25).

LFV allows for control of the size of swarf produced, overcoming problems such as ‘birds-nesting’ for many materials. LFV can be applied to turning, profiling, facing, taper and interrupted cutting, drilling and even thread cutting. It also contributes to obtaining a superior surface finish, increased depth-of-cut and reduces the onset of built-up edge on tooling.

Citizen Cincom’s integrated laser processing technology enables geometric shapes to be machined into parts, as wellas the production of burr-free precision holes in the walls of solid bar material pre-drilled in-cycle or directly into tubular bar material.

DMG Mori (https://is.gd/omawuy)

The company (Hall 2, Stand A21) will have eight world premières –the latest ‘CTX 2500 | 700’ universal turning centre is the prelude to the fifth generation of this successful series; the CLX 550 enlarges the range of basic turning machines; the NTX 2500 expands the mill-turn portfolio; the third generation CTV 250; the Multisprint 25 and 36 multi-spindle automatic turning centres; and the DMU 340 Gantry and DMU 200 Gantry 5-axis universal machines round off the world premières as two new additions to the XXL range. Overall, DMG Mori will be presenting around half of the machines on show with automation.

Dormer Pramet (https://is.gd/uribaz)

The tool specialist’s (Hall 3, Stand A64) new Force X family of carbide drills (below) is delivers consistent performance and repeatability across diverse machines and conditions, from 3xD to 8xD. All feature the unique Continuously Thinned Web technology. This provides a very strong web design, reducing thrust requirements during drilling, which has the dual benefit of improving both performance and tool life.

Dormer Pramet's Force X family of carbide drills

Emag (https://is.gd/gosuya)

The new Industry 4.0 solutions to be highlighted by Emag (Hall 17, Stand C31) serve to interconnect sensor, operating and production data with the analysis and process know-how of the company’s engineers.

Engineering Technology Group (https://is.gd/yovuyo)

Handtmann (Hall 12, Stand C74) will introduce a new fork head, designed for high speed cutting.

Floyd Automatic Tooling (https://is.gd/juwupa)

Mikron Tool (Hall 4, Stand A74) specialises in cutting tools for drilling and milling in small diameters and for hard-to-machine materials. Its CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox offers drilling stainless steel up to 20xD in one step (no pecking) starting from 1 mm, machining at impressive speed and feed.

The company’s range of the milling cutters CrazyMill Cool is expanded with a four blade VHM finishing mill (CrazyMi ll Cool Ball Z4, below) in the diameter range of 1 to 8 mm for depths up to 5xD. Same as the two-blade version, coolant ducts integrated in the shaft provide a massive flow of coolant. And CrazyMill Plunge&Slot is a new range of the CrazyMill Cool cutters, in the diameter range 1 to 8 mm for milling depths of 2xD. It plunges perpendicularly 1XD into the material (drilling) and then progresses laterally to machine grooves and pockets.

Mikron Tool's CrazyMi ll Cool Ball Z4

Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools (https://is.gd/guwobi)

Index (Hall 17, Stand D03) will reveal the new Traub TNL20 and the next-generation G200. The 20mm bar capacity TNL20 is offered in two versions, 3-axis (TNL20-9) and 4-axis (TNL20-11) simultaneous machining models.

The TNL20-9 has nine linear axes, two turrets (each with eight stations and 12,000 rpm, 2.0 kW driven tools), a back-working attachment (four stations), and an autonomous counter-spindle.

The TNL20-11 is equipped with an additional front working attachment (six stations, three of which are live – 12,500 rpm, 2.0 kW) on an autonomous X/Z slide. Through interpolation of the H indexing axis of the front working attachment with the X-axis of the autonomous compound slide,Y-axis machining operations or tool offsets can be performed with the front working attachment on the main spindle.

The 65 mm bar G200 next generation model (below) offers: up to three tool carriers with Y-axis, usable on main and counter-spindles; simultaneous machining with up to four tools; powerful and dynamic milling spindle (360° B-axis, 7,200 rpm,

22 kW and 52 Nm, HSK-A40); economic complete machining of parts from bar stock or chucked parts; large degrees of freedom for turning-milling operations with up to 660 mm turning length; excellent ergonomics for quick set-up.

Haas Schleifmaschinen (Hall 6, Stand K45) will be introducing its first XXL grinding machine, with a version of the Multigrind CB built for workpieces having a length up to 3,200 mm.

The 65 mm bar Index G200 next generation model

Gewefa UK (https://is.gd/0PLqpc)

Namesake company Gewefa GmbH (Hall 5, Stand B93) will show existing products Gewefa-Plus face-and-taper toolholder, the Hydropin hydraulic chuck with a fixed stop pin and the EasyFix boring bar toolholder.

New will be shrink collet system Induterm M96, based on the proven heat-shrink clamping technique that is popular for securing milling cutters into toolholders.

Exceptional grip over a short clamping length, flexibility and accuracy with assured tool run out of less than 3 microns are strengths. The shrink collets are said to be compatible for use with existing toolholders, whatever their format.

EWS (Hall4, Stand G83) is supporting the German Industrie 4.0 initiative, having developed a new intelligent driven tool (not yet named) that includes sensor technology enabling it to communicate with the machine operator or machine. The technology will be able to monitor the cutting conditions, the runtime and also the sealing conditions of the tool.

Pibomulti (Hall 4, Stand A27) will introduce its ‘Rainbow’ range of modular right-angle heads. Customers can specify a head to precisely meet a specific machining requirement and the capability of the machine it is fitted to.

OTT-Jakob (Hall 5, Stand F14) has a new monitoring system, MSU, that will obtain machine state data using electronic sensor technology. OTT-Jakob has two decades of experience in sensor integration into tools. MSU groups up to three control functions into one unit: the monitoring of the position of the drawbar shaft; detection of the position of the unclamp body; and optimum leakage detection.

Also from OTT-Jakob, tool/spindle pull-out force system Power-Check 2 now incorporates a new locking function on the adjusting sleeve and has a new sealing system. Also new is a coating for wear protection that acts as a reliable and permanent protection against rust.

Guhring (https://is.gd/olukit)

Introduced last year, new machining systems (104 and 106) for grooving, boring, broaching and threading, as well as the 305 system (a three-fold interchangeable indexable insert for external and internal machining), will be extended at EMO (Hall 4, Stand A38). In the case of the 104 and 106 systems, that means new insert additions with a range of new diameters, radii and lengths. For the 305 Series, an entirely new indexable insert with sintered rake geometry, an increased range of inserts and new clamping holders for sliding-head lathes, as well as modular systems, will be on view.

The new Ratio line of roughing end-mills with flat crested geometry and an optimised roughing profile demonstrates 60% longer service life and drastically increases material removal rates with its asymmetrical cutting flutes that reduce cutting pressure, compared to smooth cutters. This makes it suited to use on low power machine tools or machines with unstable fixturing.

EMO 2017 will also see the arrival of Pionex, the next generation of thread-forming taps. This high performance line incorporates a new polygon shape that generates 30% less torque. Pionex employs a newly developed powder metallurgical cutting tool material that demonstrates higher wear resistance than previously reached, while a special surface treatment with a TiCN coating for longer tool life also features. Additionally, this new line has significantly improved lubrication grooves that further contribute to extending tool life and surface quality.

Industry 4.0 will also be a key focus for Guhring at EMO 2017 and around this subject matter, the German innovator will be introducing enhancements to its software-based tool management. The company’s newly programmed GTMS tool software system has been re-developed with a user-friendly design.

As well as a new web interface, the system offers a number of new features that guarantee delivery of the right product at the right time, in the right place and displayed in real-time as a transparent digital tool circuit.

Heidenhain (https://is.gd/jasiwo)

The machine control specialist (Hall 25, Stand D48) will highlight how its TNC 620 no longer has soft keys at the side of the screen or function keys and a numeric keypad below, but instead is now operated via graphics on a large touchscreen (below). The TNC 620’s familiar look and functionality has now been combined with modern operation using tapping, swiping and dragging motions on the screen. Easier to operate than previous control versions, the interface speeds data entry, location and manipulation, resulting in tangible increases in productivity (video: https://is.gd/uciloq).

Heidenhain's new user interface will be a key exhibit

Heller Machine Tools (https://is.gd/nujupe)

The company will show its new 5-axis horizontal machining centre, the HF 5500 (below). Equipped with pallet changer and providing a work envelope of 900 by 950 by 900 mm, maximum pallet load is 750 kg.

In combination with this, Heller will highlight its Heller Operation Interface, the new operating panel with 24-in screen technology and touch controls, quick access technology in the control and XTENDS optional expansion applications to support the user. The optional work area camera, for example, supports setting and monitoring functions during the CNC process.

As detailed in our previous issue (p24), Industry 4.0 will strongly figure, with the company underscoring its HELLER4Operation easy-to-use, operator-oriented machine user interface, HELLER4Services comprises digital services and HELLER4Performance machine analysis for process and performance optimisation, time-synchronous extraction of real-time data into the internet, as well as evaluation and graphical display, using an external cloud platform.

Heller's new 5-axis horizontal machining centre, the HF 5500

IWSH (https://is.gd/asequz)

CB Ferrari (Hall 13, Stand B35) will show for the first time at EMO its new GT1600/2000 machining centres. GT Series is a high speed, 5-axis machining centre featuring a moving-column design with a tilting vertical spindle. Its 2,000 by 1 500 mm table incorporates a 750 mm diameter rotary table. The two-machine series has axis travels of 1,600 or 2,000 mm in X, 820 mm in Y and 850 mm in Z.

Kraft Skymaster (Hall 27, Stand C04) is bringing together advanced design engineering capabilities of Germany with the efficiency of Chinese production systems. On show will be the high speed VF series, represented by the VF1615A double-column, high accuracy, machining centre (below). Axis travels are 1,600, 1,300 and 700 mm (X, Y, Z).

Kraft Skymaster's VF1615A double-column, high accuracy, machining centre will be on show

Jones & Shipman Hardinge (https://is.gd/sacopa)

To be shown by the Hardinge Grinding Group (Hall 11, Stand C78), Kellenberger’s 100 series platform is completely overhauled.

A high performance, economical grinder series, it is based on modular design and incorporates key elements of Kellenberger’s Vista and Vita model ranges, the Jones & Shipman Ultramat CNC and Ultragrind 1000, and the Tschudin T25. Offering “excellent price/performance”, numerous ‘standard’ options are available. A 1,000-mm between centres variant will be shown, the other option being a 600 mm unit.

Kellenberger’s Varia 1000 now has a larger work space, distinctly longer machine table and distance between centres of 1,600 mm, and is equipped for a very wide range of machining possibilities. Latest generation machines also feature ultra-precise hydrostatic guideways to provide excellent damping, stick and slip-free operation. Centre distance is 1,000 or 1,600 m, centre height is either 200, 250 or 300 mm. More than 30 wheelhead variations are possible.

Hauser’s H40-400 universal jig grinder is the successor to the H35-400 model. It offers combined grinding and hard milling on a single jig grinder.

Lead Precision Machine Tools (https://is.gd/mizuyo)

Kao Ming (Hall 27, Stand F72) will highlight its new KMC SR-H travelling-gantry series that features a vertical spindle and an automatically interchangeable 90° milling head. Five-side machining of large moulds, tools and machine components is its focus.

MA Ford Europe (https://is.gd/uyufux)

The company (Hall 3, Stand A30) will show a new range of Fordmax high feed modular indexable end-mills for rough machining of dies and moulds, 3D machining and general engineering applications on 40 taper machines. Diameters are 16-40 mm, and materials tackled include steel and hardened steels of 55 HRC, together with stainless steel, high temperature alloys, titanium and Inconel.

The new 239 series of diamond grind composites routers, made under license to Boeing, US Patent 7,090,442, is designed specifically for machining of composite materials in the aerospace, automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries, the new series offers increased routing rates and removes the risks of delamination or flaking. It is available in diameters from 3.0 to 12.0 mm.

New drills for aluminium and for hightemperature alloy drilling will also be unveiled. For aluminium, the Cyclone CDA is offered in diameters from 3.0 12.5 mm, with drilling depth 5xD for the two-flute range. For challenging materials, Cyclone CXD is offered in diameters 3.0-20 mm, available in five different variants, including through- coolant or solid options. Alternative flute lengths of 3xD and 5xD diameter are available across the range, with an extended 8xD length offered on the CXDCL model.

The new 239 series of diamond grind composites routers, made under license to Boeing

MMC Hard Metal (https://is.gd/niheva)

New ballnose end-mills (below) from Mitsubishi Materials (Hall 5, Stand D06) take in the VFR2SB that has been developed for roughing and pre-finishing applications in materials up to 70HRc. The VFR2SBF is ideal for mirror finishing applications.

New insert grades MP9005, MP9015, MT9005 and MT9015 have the option of a minus corner radius tolerance. Incorporating the innovative Miracle Sigma Technology, negative rake inserts can be supplied with LS (light cutting), MS (medium cutting) and RS (rough machining) chipbreakers, while positive inserts are equipped with the new FS or FS-P polished chipbreaker, plus LS or LS-P and MS breakers. The four grades are offered with the option of the geometry types CNMG, DNMG, SNMG, TNMG, VNMG, WNMG, CCMT, DCMT, VCMT, VBMT, CCGT, DCGT and VCGT in a variety of standard and minus tolerance corner radii.

MItsubishi Materials will highlight its new ballnose end-mills

NCMT (https://is.gd/obukon)

Okuma (Hall 27, Stand D20) will exhibit its latest 5-axis vertical machining centre, MU-S600V, that handles workpieces 600 mm in diameter but has a width of just 1,400 mm. Several can be connected to form a compact smart production line. Okuma will present two connected MU-S600V in a fully automated cell featuring a vision system and robot-assisted loading and unloading.

The company’s Laser EX line includes the 5-axis vertical machining centre MU-6300V Laser EX that is capable of milling, turning, grinding, laser metal deposition (LMD) and heat treatment. The company will also show the multi-tasking Multus U5000 Laser EX that is also capable of laser processing from coating to LMD and hardening.

Okuma’s Smart Factory Solutions are a means of making Industry 4.0 a reality for customers. Driven by the company’s latest

AI-imbued CNC control, these applications allow for total control of the entire scheduling and manufacturing process to support high product mixes and shorter delivery times, ensuring flexibility even with fluctuating demands.

Further EMO premières include: Okuma’s compact Multus B250II, with the largest Y-axis travel in its class; the compact precision cylindrical grinder GA26W, featuring an NC tailstock for increased efficiency; and the new lathes V920EX, Genos L2000 and Genos L3000. The latter is a high performance one-saddle turning centre with an integral spindle and an NC-controlled tailstock. The machine will be shown in a robot-assisted set-up.

Makino (Hall 12, Stand B36) will, Machinery understands, show the new 5-axis A500Z (above) designed for complex products in challenging materials such as titanium and cast iron.

A further 5-axis machine is the L2 X5, offered in two versions. The first is for automotive and medical products, for parts up to 80 kg. It has a 16,000 rpm spindle.

A second version boasts a 25,000 rpm spindle and offers high speed 5-axis machining; a SCARA robot will be integrated at EMO. These are all vertical spindle machines.

Makino’s ‘MAG3 NextGen.EX’ 5-axis horizontal machining centre is also high speed. it has 62 m/in X-axis traverse, 1 G acceleration and a 130 kW spindle. It offers “a new industry benchmark for aluminum structural part productivity”. Finally, a new generation of EDM machines is also promised.

The new Makino 5-axis A500Z is designed for complex products in challenging materials such as titanium and cast iron

Open Mind Technologies (https://is.gd/hajegi)

The company (Hall 25, Stand A08) will exhibit its new NC code-based hyperMILL ‘Virtual Machining Center’ machine simulation. This uses post-processed NC code as the basis for the simulation, which ensures that the virtual machine movements correspond exactly to the real machine movements.

Renishaw (https://is.gd/cixaka)

Highlighted in the new Additive Manufacturing Zone (Hall 27, Stand A72) will be the latest version of the company’s build file preparation software, QuantAM 2017, which has been designed specifically for Renishaw metal additive manufacturing systems RenAM 500M and AM 400.

In Hall 6, Stand B46, Renishaw will show a new contact scanning system for CNC machine tools, new software for the Equator flexible gauge that allows users to fully integrate the system with CNC machine tools, new on-machine and mobile apps that simplify the use of machine tool probing,

an enhanced non-contact tool setter for machining centres, a new multi-probe optical interface system, a new surface finish probe for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and new software that enhances the functionality of Renishaw’s XM-60 multi-axis calibration system.

The company will also show its new Industry 4.0 machining cell concept, which demonstrates how the ability to monitor key process inputs, analyse data and continuously improve manufacturing processes facilitates increased productivity and higher accuracy.

RK International Machine Tools (https://is.gd/farifa)

Perfect (Hall 11, Stand A20) will be exhibiting the Perfect X36 surface grinder, which now benefits from an upgraded PLC control system that allows axial-controlled functions to be selected according to different grinding conditions and other features that will further enhance the ease of use of this machine. The machine has a 300 by 600 mm maximum grinding area, a table loading of up to 300 kg and 500 mm between the table and spindle centreline.

Perfect will also unveil its brand new PFG-600R a 600 mm diameter rotary table surface grinder, designed for the manufacture of components such as spacers and rings, where concentricity is paramount.

Robbi (Hall 11, Stand A82) will be highlighting its large capacity CNC cylindrical grinding machine range with the Omicron 3615 – Industry 4.0 Edition machine. Machine control is via Siemens 840D sl CNC that, with its Industry 4.0 configuration, allows remote control and monitoring of the machine possible. The control will also create and store a database of key data from the production process useful for generating further productivity improvements over time. Visitors to the stand will be able to access certain machine from their own mobile devices.

Delta (Hall 11, Stand A78) will have a number of machines on display, including the newly introduced Mini 7 travelling-column surface grinder. The Mini 7 machine is the smallest of the three-machine Mini range from Delta and features 800 by 550 mm maximum grinding area.

Lagun (Hall 13, stand A56-A58) will show off its BM bed-mill series via the BM 3, 3 m X-axis machine. Axes travels are up to 5,000 by 1,300 by 2,000 mm (X, Y and Z), subject to specification. The machine on display will be controlled by Heidenhain TNC 530, will have a 24-position toolchanger, 4,000 rpm, 37 kW spindle with 20 bar through-spindle coolant.

Röhm (https://is.gd/jomero)

The clamping technology specialist (Hall 3, Stand B72) has a novelty to help ease the mounting of HSK segmented collet chucks into spindles. Previously performed by hand, the company has conceived a tool (below) for mounting HSK clamping sets, allowing segmented collet chucks to be installed in the spindle with very little effort and very quickly. Sizes HSK 25 to 125 are accommodated.

Roehm's has a tool that ease the mounting of HSK segmented collet chucks into spindles

Sandvik Coromant (https://is.gd/okexaq)

The tooling expert (Hall 5, Stand B18) will highlight its new PrimeTurning method and its corresponding CoroTurn Prime turning tools, the industry’s first solution for turning in all directions, offering improved machining flexibility, productivity and tool life. In addition, the emphasis is on further developments of the CoroPlus solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

Schunk (https://is.gd/xepoze)

The firm (Hall 3, Stand E55) will expand its flagship PGN-plus gripper brand with the arrival of the PGN-plus-E that has an IO-link (left). This is the world’s first life-long maintenance-free 24 V premium electric gripper.

Schunk's PGN-plus-E that has an IO-link is the world’s first life-long maintenance-free 24 V premium electric gripper

Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen (https://is.gd/afezuz)

Exhibited (Hall 12, Stand C60) will be two machines presented for the first time with automation. A special focus will be on a modular loading cell, a world première that will show the automated loading of the BA W02-22 by an integrated 6-axis robot and the machining of impellers. Another highlight will be the two-spindle BA 622 machining centre. This features fully automatic equipment, including the detection of non-machined parts using camera technology and will be highlighted as a system solution with a 7-axis robot portal.

Solidcam UK (https://is.gd/hamega)

The latest version of Solidcam’s CAM solution (Hall 25, Stand A11) offers easy integration of manufacturing data into additional TDM, ERP, SCM, PLM and SLM systems. Also, the advanced Mill-Turn module has been improved and now supports the fast and easy programming of complex CNC machines with three channels. In addition, new options in the 2D and 3D modules enable a precise control of the powerful technology, reportedly saving 75% and more in machining time. Solidcam 2017 can be seamlessly integrated in the current Solidworks version.

TW Ward CNC Machinery (https://is.gd/icilez)

Soraluce’s (Hall 13, Stand B36) new DAS+ version of its DAS system that already improves machining performance by up to 300% boasts additional capabilities that include vibration level monitoring, chatter detection and the new Mute feature. This latter function monitors machining and runs an internal algorithm that identifies best cutting conditions to increase operation stability.

And in keeping with the Industry 4.0 theme at EMO, Soraluce Data System is a machine data-driven analytics tool that extracts valuable insights from machine-generated data.

Vargus Tooling UK (https://is.gd/riruli)

The new Shaviv Genius web application software is designed to help users find the right deburring solution (Hall 3, Stand B66). A tool selection app will also be launched (above).

On the tooling side, there will be extensions to grooving and turning line Groovex VG-Cut, launch of TM Solid HCN extended length tools for 3xD thread milling and the TMDR drilling, tapping and chamfering three-in-one tool.

The new Shaviv Genius web application software is designed to help users find the right deburring solution

Vero UK (https://is.gd/ulecip)

The CADCAM expert (Hall 25, Stand B20) will show innovations and new functionality in its latest software releases, including Waveform roughing, a high performance strategy that is available in both Edgecam and WorkNC.

The current edition of Edgecam introduces a new turning cycle that includes B-axis movements while machining on a turning centre.

And WorkXplore contains innovative features usually found in high-end CAD systems that enable users to perform part diagnostics, create assembly instructions and prepare 3D models for production.

Vero's WorkNC produced machining code for this model, which will feature on its stand at EMO

Walter Ewag (https://is.gd/requfo)

Making its first public debut (Hall 11, Stand B24), the 6-axis Ewag Compact Line is a high precision, compact and flexible machine for the grinding – including peripheral grinding – of inserts in tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramic, PCBN and PCD. With integrated ProGrind software, this and the Fanuc control system enables all grinding routines to be programmed quickly and easily via its user-friendly touch-screen panel.

Also on the stand (after its debut earlier this year), Walter’s new Heliset Plus manual measuring device promises to help optimise the erosion (machining) times of complex tools by up to 30% by being ‘integrated’ into the tool production process. Tools up to 350 mm diameter and 400 mm long can be measured.

Yamazaki Mazak (https://is.gd/rereje)

In the company’s multi-tasking zone (Hall 27 Stand B56) two world premières will be made: the extension to Mazak’s flagship Integrex range, the modular Integrex i-500, and the Integrex i-800V/8, which combines full 5-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities.

In Mazak’s 5-axis zone, the new HCR-5000 is making its world debut. A compact, high performance horizontal machining centre, it is suited to aerospace duties, notably small-size structural components. The machine has a high performance main spindle, is capable of ultra-fast acceleration with excellent jerk control and delivers highly accurate finished parts.

The 5-axis zone also includes new specialist die and mould machine UD-400/5X, capable of 42,000 rpm, 1 G acceleration and boasts ultra-high jerk rate.

A final machine tool highlight for visitors to the Mazak stand will be a first European showing of its latest additive manufacturing machine tool, the Variaxis j-600AM. This employs wire arc-type metal deposition system, taking the additive process to unseen levels of speed.

As underlined last issue (p24), Industry 4.0 will be a key EMO theme. Mazak’s iSmart Factory is centred on three key pillars: Smooth CNC technology; the new SmartBox, which provides faster data analysis with increased security; and the MT Connect standard communication protocol. As part of this, in the vertical machining zone a VTC-760C equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 828D control will see machine performance and data analysed, using MT Connect and SmartBox.

Mazak's Integrex i-800V/8 combines full 5-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities

Note: Inclusion above does not indicate that the displayed machine will necessarily be offered by the associated UK organisation

First published in Machinery, August 2017