As part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), the KTC is a world-leading establishment for high-value manufacturing events and the ideal setting for two technology brands to present their latest aerospace innovations. The event will open at 09.30-10:00 and will be followed by introductory presentations from both Schunk and Walter, before the former delivers a presentation on the latest Vero-S Aviation modular clamping system for aerospace structural components.

Vero-S Aviation has been developed so that users can benefit from reduced set-up costs with structural components. These clamping units are said to facilitate the rapid and efficient adjustment of the entire clamping set-up by means of a special bearing from the Vero-S quick-change pallet system.

The clamping unit bearing is unclamped by spring force. To relieve the component, it is released pneumatically, while the mounted quick-change pallet system can compensate in various degrees of freedom. Such capability can relieve the part of stress. By venting, the bearing of the clamping unit is unclamped in its relieved position. The part can then be processed further.

Upon completion of the presentations and lunch, delegates will transfer to the Factory of the Future machine shop where the Vero-S Aviation will be clamping aerospace components and demonstrating its potential in conjunction with AMRC machine tools and Walter cutting tools.

With demonstrations of HPC machining, process strategies and structural tooling programmes, the event is a must-attend for manufacturers serving the aerospace industry.