The new, smart infrared Optris CS LT thermometer

Optris has made enhancements to the Optris CS LT thermometer to meet the growing demand for low cost, non contact temperature measurement.

Managing director Dr Ulrich Kienitz explains: "The enhanced thermometer now covers a greater temperature range up to 1,030°C. With the implementation of an intelligent LED display concept, we have also been able to introduce innovative ideas for the low-price market segment." The improved infrared thermometer allows temperature measurements within a great range between -40°C and 1,030°C. The measurement device can also be used in surroundings of up to 80°C without additional cooling due to high temperature resistance. The optical resolution of the product has been enhanced to 15:1 and the response time to 25 ms. The intelligent LED display can be used to show the condition of the device via the LED self-diagnosis (e.g. overheating of the sensor). Additionally, a visual alarm and temperature code indicator can be viewed. The display also has help functionality. An additional innovation is the 'ambient derating' function. At Optris, the CS LT is calibrated at different ambient temperatures so when used in a customer application the sensor again measures the ambient temperature and is able to compensate to give reliable data regardless of ambient variations. Due to its outstanding cost-performance-ratio, the Optris CS LT finds use in OEM solutions and for the infrared monitoring of large plants with a multitude of measuring points e.g. for maintenance (electrical and mechanical plant equipment with difficult access) or as part of the machinery and plant engineering (temperature monitoring within production processes).