Delcam's latest CAM developments filmed at DMG-MORI

Videos have been added to Delcam's website showing the three main machining demonstrations from the special open house held at the DMG-MORI showroom in Coventry earlier this year.

The first demonstration showed how PowerMILL can be used to machine extremely complex shapes on advanced five-axis machine tools like the DMG DMU 75 monoblock.The example chosen was a Möbius strip, a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180°.The demonstration can be seen at

The complexity of the shape meant that the programming needed to use the new Advanced Simulation & Verification module in PowerMILL.This allowed complete verification, covering cutting moves, leads and links, and tool changes, of the project for machine-tool issues including potential collisions and ensured that the machine tool was capable of running the proposed strategy successfully.

The FeatureCAM demonstration, which can be seen at, showed a typical production part, with a variety of different types of geometry. The number of features, including a variety of different types of hole, made it ideal as an example of the speed and simplicity of programming that is possible with FeatureCAM’s feature-based approach.

The third video shows On-Machine Verification with Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.This allows initial checking of machined parts to be carried out in situ on any CNC machine tool with probing capabilities, rather than having to transfer the parts to coordinate measuring machines for inspection.

For the demonstration, errors were deliberately inserted into the initial machining program.The video, which can be viewed at, shows how these mistakes can be found with PowerINSPECT OMV and then corrected with a modified program.