Bielomatik's alternative cutting solution

By adopting a Bielomatik minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) system for CNC machining, consumption of cutting oil can fall dramatically to less than 150 ml/hour. With the total costs of conventional cooling lubricant making up nearly 20% of a total manufacturing cost, a switch to a Bielomatik system has the potential to cut cost by as much as 15%.

Up-grading to a Bielomatik MQL system which delivers precise measured quantities of lubricant to the cutting tip has tremendous advantages as the production team on the A380 Airbus were to experience. • Increase in productivity through shorter cycle times • Extended tool life • Lower investment costs • Considerably reduced fluid consumption • Elimination of cost for fluid disposal • Almost "dry" process / virtually dry swarf • Less potential problems with skin allergies. • Less inhalation problems • Dry floor The original machine tool lube system drew oil from a simple reservoir attached to the machining head which 'sprayed' lubrication onto the area to be drilled. The amount of oil being applied could not be controlled, too much oil remained in and around each machined hole. It made the organisations new automated process unworkable. The solution was to upgrade to a Bielomatik 2-CH MQL system which controls very precisely, down to 5 ml/hour in one process, the amount of lubricant released, enabling components to pass through various drilling, counter sinking and riveting operations with the minimum amount of lubrication. This created vastly improved processing performance, optimising tool life and excellent machining finish. The big plus factor was elimination of oil carry over between manufacturing processes and there was the added benefit that removed metal cuttings were oil free and could be re-cycled more easily and at lower cost.