New Elesa linear actuators for robotics and machine tools

​New Elesa GN 291 series linear actuators are especially designed for the arduous conditions of Robotic and Machine Tool applications, where they offer smooth accurate operation over repetitive work cycles for long task periods.

GN 291 series are also valuable for a wide range of situations such as window operation or solar panel adjustment, printers, spray equipment, valve control or computer-managed systems.

Linear actuators are frequently used with sensors and integrated machine controls where systems of this type facilitate indexing, positioning, holding, removing and manipulating workpieces or for equipment under operation via manual or electric motor control.

Typical applications include the functioning of valves, workpiece holding, clamping and automation of machine components, especially in conjunction with other robot or engineering elements.

Round and square body sections of the GN 291 series house AISI 303 stainless steel trapezoidal worm screws and offer stroke lengths from 65mm to 720mm.

These linear actuators enable precise control of components and processes with human or automated/robotic control interfaces. They are offered with the GN 391 connecting unit and a range of clamp bases and connectors for easy mounting.