Starrag's new Bumotec 191neo mill-turn centre to make UK debut at GTMA exhibition

Starrag’s new Bumotec 191neo seven-axis mill-turn centre is making its UK public debut at the GTMA-organised Manufacturing Solutions 2022 exhibition being held in Limerick from 15-16 June.

The machine being especially shipped to the event by Starrag UK will demonstrate how it offers potential users in the medical device, luxury goods and micromechanics sectors, for example, unrivalled money- and time-saving benefits in machining complex, higher-value parts.

At the show it will be machining a lumbar interbody fusion cage, used for spinal fixation, from 400 mm polyether ether ketone (PEEK) bar, utilising up to 15 cutting tools to produce different features in a single set-up and fully deburred.

Evolved from Starrag‘s Bumotec flagship s191 machining centre that is renowned for its reliability and high performance, the 191neo takes the possible production benefits available from one-hit machining to new heights thanks to:

[] Lower than ever machine cost, courtesy lean manufacturing techniques;

[] 15% reduction in tool change time;

[] 12% faster back-working movement; and

[] A higher torque (175 Nm) milling spindle.

The result is a machine that can be offered at a significantly cost-competitive price to enable users to achieve lower than ever piece part costs.

With ergonomic design that includes large window areas so operators can clearly see all working zones, as well as perfectly-positioned doors for excellent access, the machine can accommodate bar of 42mm, 50mm and 65mm, and has 50 m/min traverse rates for its X, Y and Z axes travels of 410mm, 200mm and 400mm, respectively.

Main spindle options extend up to 22 kW with a torque rating of 175 Nm, while the 15 kW/36 Nm sub-spindle operates at 6,000 revs/min. Importantly, in addition to milling and turning routines, the 191neo can also be used for grinding, polishing, skiving, gear hobbing and diamond cutting with no set-up or fixture changes.

Available in four options – P model with vice, PRM with multi-purpose pick-up vice, R with back-working spindle and RP version with combined vice and back-working spindle – the 191neo is effectively available in 12 versions.

Like the standard Bumotec s191, the machine is also extremely stable during production and with a 90-position tool magazine that operates in parallel with integrated tool breakage probing, plus a pallet system and, being configured for a robotic, modular or custom-made automated cell, users have access to 24/7 production regimes. Other options include temperature-controlled, high-pressure chip conveyor and bar loading.

Focused on ‘digital transformation’ to ensure compatibility with the latest production technologies and remote access management, the191neo has a touch display with user-friendly and intuitive interface that can easily and quickly be used to swipe between screens to, for instance, monitor the progress of current machining operations, configure programming or track production in real time.