Scanning spray for optical measurements: Sparkling clean without the need for cleaning

​AESUB has launched a new scanning spray for reflective and transparent surfaces which evaporates on its own.

The scanning of reflective and transparent components is a challenge even for modern sensors. To be able to measure the components, they are matted using special sprays. The problem used to be cleaning the components after scanning.

Conventional sprays stick stubbornly to the surfaces and are difficult to remove. Removal is time-consuming and the components are frequently rendered unusable in the process. Even sophisticated measuring equipment can be damaged by permanent adhesive sprays.

Directly matt components in the measurement area

Components can be directly sprayed in the measurement area using the self-evaporating AESUB scanning sprays. Within seconds, high contrast values that the scanner can easily record arise on the surface as a result of a thin, white layer.

The layer thickness ranges between 1µ and 15µm.The matting layer is dry to the touch so that the components can be handled and repositioned during the scanning process. Reference points can be directly placed on the layer. They hold significantly better than conventional sprays.

No subsequent cleaning of the sprayed surfaces

There is no need to clean components with the new scanning sprays from AESUB. The spray mist does not even contaminate the surrounding area, because the matting layer sublimates, i.e. it evaporates on its own.

Depending on the spray version, the sublimation time is between 4 and 24 hours. Measuring capacities can be significantly increased because the AESUB sprays reduce the previously required preparation and post-treatment of glossy and transparent components to a minimum.

All AESUB scanning sprays are free from titanium dioxide, which is hazardous to health. The self-evaporating AESUB scanning sprays contain no pigments. Visit for more.