Modular drill offers solid benefits

The WIDIA Victory TOP DRILL M1 modular drill is available in a standard diameter range of 8.00 to 20.99 mm and in length/diameter ratios of 3× and 5×. The drill bodies come in either flanged-shank (metric) or round-shank (inch) configurations and feature solid coupling for consistent performance from insert to insert, and easy insert changes via a front-clamping mechanism.

The drills are part of the WIDIA Victory platform of milling, turning, and hole-making tools, and combine the economic benefits of modular drilling systems with machining performance and hole quality comparable to solid carbide tools. Inserts are offered with a UP(M) geometry in grade K20FTiAlN, featuring an application-oriented differentiated point design aimed at cost-efficient hole-making in steel and cast-iron components. The modular tools offer feeds/speeds and performance levels commonly achieved with solid-carbide drills. Metal removal rates are up to 50 per cent higher than competitive modular drills, with longer tool life and improved hole quality. Non-regrindable inserts eliminate the logistical and tool life challenges associated with using reconditioned inserts. The Victory TOP DRILL M1 also provides an alternative to competitors' HSS, spade, and brazed drills for tough applications, allowing speed and feed increases of 40 to 50 per cent, with longer tool life and improved hole quality.