Mitsubishi MV2400-SZ+ wire-cut EDM

Available from HK Technologies, the latest Mitsubishi MV2400-SZ+ wire-cut EDM is now capable of submerged cutting up to 425 mm deep and claims “the best auto threading system on the market today”.

With the capacity to process components up to 1,050 by 820 by 420 mm (W,D ,H) and weighing 1,500 kg on a table of 840 by 640 mm, the overall machine footprint is 2,837 by 3,490 mm. The machine is built upon a fine grain 'Dianite' casting material that guarantees the one-piece hardened four-sided stainless work table is mounted on the most robust and precise high quality base available.

This latest Mitsubishi MV2400-S Z+ introduces an annealing length of over 350 mm that makes the system capable of threading at the maximum workpiece height, while also providing a realistic opportunity for threading through the gap - an innovative new feature allowing recovery of broken wire.

From a productivity standpoint, the MV2400-SZ+ introduces the world's first linear shaft drive system in X and Y (U,V and Z use ballscrews), which delivers fast, smooth, highly controllable movements and “unparalleled precision levels”. This technology also requires less electricity. Coupled with this, the MV2400-SZ+ has an ‘all fibre optic coupled’ servo-control that permits internal communication that is four times faster than conventional systems.

On operational costs, the new MV2400-SZ+ introduces Mitsubishi's new V350-V AEII power supply, DMX-S (Digital Matrix Sensor), that shapes each spark to reduce electrode wear considerably. This feature reduces consumable costs for the customer, cuts power consumption and lowers running costs.

The M700 series 15-inch touch-screen, Windows-based control is intuitive and user friendly, while the machine has a vertical machine tank door for improved set-up and operation.