DP Technology's Esprit 4.5 release

​Esprit 4.5 includes features such as an updated user interface, turning feature offset and support for circle segment tools.

The updated user interface features clearer, more consistent icons. The ribbon commands have been reorganised for a more intuitive experience. In addition to improving ease of use, these updates also give the Esprit interface a more streamlined, higher-end look and feel.

The new turning feature offset lets the user offset individual elements of a turning feature in the axial and radial directions to program median tolerances or leave stock for subsequent processes, all without modifying geometry. It also includes an offset calculator that allows the user to easily program a target diameter or apply standard ISO tolerances.

Finally, Esprit’s new support for circle segment tools lets users parametrically define and create milling tools with oval, barrel, tapered or lens profiles, without the need to create custom tool geometry. These tools offer several benefits over conventional milling tools in many 5-axis applications, including a larger axial depth of cut, superior surface finish, higher stability and reduced tool wear. In addition to simplifying circle segment tool creation, parametric tool definition allows Esprit to better optimise toolpath strategies that use such tools.

“Before we release any product update, we take the time to ensure it’s packed with features that make a difference to our customers,” says Tania Campanelli, director of research and development for Esprit’s developer, DP Technology. “4.5 is dedicated to improving the user experience and, as always, ensuring our customers stay as efficient as possible.”