Darex XPS-16+ drill sharpener from 1st MTA faster and more precise

The XPS-16+ is an even faster and more accurate CNC drill sharpener from Darex. Available in the UK from 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA), it can sharpen 2-fluted HSS, cobalt, carbide and coated bits from 3 to 16 mm in diameter, and can create any point angle from 90 to 150°.

The XPS-16+ is a 4-axis sharpener that can sharpen common split point geometries and complex 4-facet point drills. The machine can also be used to hone carbide drills automatically. Further improvements include an increased number of stored drill files; users can now save up to 100 unique geometries for their application. The upgraded model also allows for split-only operations, letting the user choose between no-split, X-split, R-split and split-only options. In addition, greater resolution has been added to the motors for improved surface finish.