Universal Robots celebrates milestone with over 500 innovative products in its ever-expanding ecosystem

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Universal Robots, the Danish collaborative robot (cobot) company, has reached a new milestone, announcing that it has now launched over 500 products through its UR+ ecosystem.

This marks a significant growth in the ecosystem since it started in 2016 with the ambition of making Universal Robots (UR) an open-source-like platform that would empower developers to create groundbreaking solutions. Today, the UR+ ecosystem offers a wide range of components, kits, applications and solutions within both hardware and software designed to meet various customer needs.

“Universal Robots is built on collaboration and this milestone clearly indicates that we are the preferred platform in collaborative robotics,” said Kim Povlsen, president of Universal Robots. “We have an amazing ecosystem with hundreds of partner companies spanning from small developer start-ups to established and well-known brands. It’s truly a versatile and ever-expanding ecosystem.”

The UR ecosystem offers products from simple applications like grippers to full solutions for tasks like palletizing and welding. The development of full solutions has been a clear trend in recent years with an increasing focus within the ecosystem on offering customers turnkey solutions to fit the most common automation needs.

Another important trend is
rapid growth in the number of applications and solutions based on AI technology. The company has also added new products designed for compatibility with its new generation heavy payload cobots.

“Our ecosystem is growing faster than ever and with physical AI as the new locomotive in robotics, we will continue to see new and ground-breaking innovations being added to our ecosystem at a high pace. For UR, it’s all about providing choice to our customers through easy-to-use technology and, together with our partners, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be automated and how simple it can be done,” said Kim Povlsen.