Polished performance wins order for Droop+Rein

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German machine tool builder Droop + Rein, a business unit within Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (DST), has for the first time sold a FOGS high speed, gantry-type machining centre to a Japanese company.

The order is for a FOGS D40 and the customer is Honda Engineering Co, Japan. The machine is primarily intended to produce sheet metal forming tools for the automotive industry. With an X-axis of 6,800 mm, a Y-axis of 3,500 mm and a Z-axis of 1,500 mm, the working volume of the FOGS 35 68 D40 C ordered is more than 35 m cubed. A notable feature of the machine configuration is that profiled surfaces can be created that are very close to the programmed CAD contour. Manual finishing is therefore significantly reduced, so production costs are lower and quality is improved. The fact that the previous high proportion of manual finishing work will largely be eliminated proved central to the purchasing decision. Note: DST is a subsidiary of Vienna-based A-TEC Industries AG, a group which also includes machine tool maker EMCO Group. DST also takes in Mecof CNC machines.