Okuma Open House had Industry 4.0 theme

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Okuma Europe’s latest Open House at its Krefeld, Germany European headquarters welcomed more than 200 visitors to explore the latest solutions in automated CNC machining.

The smart factory-themed event offered insight into new technologies for unmanned production to allow for more flexible production planning, shortened deliveries, higher efficiency and reduced costs.

Okuma illustrated its approach to dealing with data generated from automated sensors in an Industry 4.0 scenario in a state-of-the-art production facility, incorporating know-how from Okuma’s self-contained start-to-finish factory “Dream Site 1” in Japan as well as other notable collaborations with customers around the world. For demonstration purposes, the CNC manufacturer transformed its showroom into a smart factory by network connecting all of the machines on display.

Guests were treated to a variety of machining demonstrations on a wide range of Okuma’s extensive fleet of machine tools. Live machining ranged from portrait milling to gear machining on Okuma’s multitasking machines. Real-time data monitoring allowed demonstrations of product and information tracking, tool data handling and more.Via a central monitor the guests were able to observe the communication between the individual machine tools, the CNC controls and Okuma’s Intelligent Technology software.

Presentations covered concepts for automated production cell management, which have been realised at reference customers. These projects included the integration of an Okuma multitasking machine and custom software solutions into an automated robotic cell: the entire process occurs completely unmanned, including changeovers from one type of workpiece to another, tool changes, clamping equipment changes and workpiece changeovers within the current batch.

Over the course of three days, visitors from 20 different countries came to experience Okuma’s smart factory solutions and the benefits for their individual industries.