MSC UK and Colchester partner to showcase CNC efficiency in new Technology Centre

2 mins read

MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK, has announced its partnership with Colchester Machine Tool Solutions, bringing two of Colchester’s CNC machines to MSC’s newly launched, Midlands-based Technology Centre.

The two Colchester CNC Machines, the Storm 1050 VMC and the L65M Typhoon Turning Centre will be showcased in MSC’s Technology Centre. This collaboration between the businesses will provide the ultimate package to manufacturers, with the Technology Centre providing a space for MSC to demonstrate how these highly accessible and versatile machines, when paired with the correct tooling and consumables can drive increased productivity.

The Storm 1050 VMC is a high-production machine with outstanding versatility and rigidity, ideally suited to moulding and metal cutting industries. The addition of a Big-Plus BBT spindle increases the rigidity of the tooling which allows users to increase metal removal efficiency.

Likewise, the L65M Typhoon Turning Centre offers high productivity and highly accurate performance, giving exceptional cutting capability and component finish. The L65M is a driven tool machine with 65mm bar capacity. Both machines include the Fanuc 0i-F which guarantees ease of use, high quality, and short processing times.

By locating these machines at MSC’s Technology Centre, it will enable manufacturers to come and witness first-hand demonstrations of the solutions that MSC’s team of engineers propose. The team aim to create cost and/or time efficiencies, using MSC’s wide portfolio of product, without disrupting a manufacturer’s own operations. The Centre will also give both Colchester and MSC an opportunity to showcase their abilities in this space.

MSC has chosen to work with Colchester due to the popularity of their reliable, robust machines. By working with a popular OEM like Colchester, the CNC machines will be very familiar to customers. As a result, any new techniques that are demonstrated are easily replicated on their existing equipment without the need for extensive capital expenditure. This makes any manufacturing improvements both realistic and achievable.

Dave Darby, Managing Director at MSC said: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Colchester Machine Tool Solutions, a brand known throughout the market for producing reliable, high-quality, precision machines.

"With the addition of its machines to our Technology Centre we will be able to demonstrate to our customers how digital solutions, reduced costs and improved productivity can be achieved. In addition to showcasing best practice to our own customers, the Technology Centre will be open for Colchester to conduct live demonstrations for their customers in the midlands and the south of England.”

As the industry moves towards digital solutions, MSC and its partners are committed to providing resources which will help pave the way to a digital future. MSC’s Technology Centre will exhibit the best solutions for customers within an educational facility that provides knowledge on industry-standard machining processes.