Kerf to unveil new cutting technologies at MACH

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In Hall 17 on Stand 309 at MACH 2022, Kerf Developments will be returning to the UK’s showpiece manufacturing event with a multitude of impressive new technologies. As an industry leader in oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting innovations, the Rochdale manufacturer will present a dynamic mix of cost-efficient high technology cutting solutions that will undoubtedly attract visitors to its stand at the Birmingham NEC from the 4-8 April.

At MACH, Kerf Developments will be expecting its market-leading RUR2500P high definition plasma cutting machine to create a spark of attraction for show visitors. The machine with its highly acclaimed UltraSharp cutting technology has been enhanced with new advanced technologies that make this machine the choice solution for subcontract profilers, fabricators, structural steel, construction, rail and heavy engineering professionals attending MACH.

This stalwart of the Kerf stable provides end-users with a unique cutting solution that combines both speed and precision with the consistently high cut quality and the lowest possible cost of manufacture. Designed and manufactured for customers with high production demand, the RUR incorporates a rigid frame design that is ultrasonically stress relieved and manufactured to highly accurate tolerances to provide remarkable performance. It is this robust build quality and precision cutting that has made the RUR2500P such a popular choice for the structural steel and heavy industry sectors. The RUR2500P has a cut width of 2m and the modular design permits table dimensions to be tailored to the demands of the end-user.

Alongside the RUR2500P, Kerf will be introducing innovations like the new Fineline 300 Plasma unit from Lincoln Electric that incorporates Advanced Piercing Technology and a new Watermist system. The new Fineline 300HD from Lincoln Electric delivers exceptional cut quality when cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium whilst providing superior cut quality that minimises the need for grinding, edge preparation or other secondary operations. Specifically designed to allow full user control from a single interface, customers can rapidly change plasma current and gas pressures for better cut quality and longer consumable life.

Furthermore, the FineLine 300HD features easy maintenance and a system status through the HMI. With the smallest diameter 300A torch in the industry at 38mm, the FineLine 300HD minimises secondary processing and maximise bevel and robotic cut capabilities with its new Magnum PRO LC300M torch. Working in synergy with the UltraSharp 2.0, plasma current controls are all synchronised to precisely control motion, gas flow, cut speeds and height control. This enables the technology to minimise process errors to help provide repeatable, high-quality cutting for all geometries and material thicknesses.

The FineLine 300HD also includes Advanced Process Control, an advanced piercing system that provides highly repeatable hole cutting and minimises secondary processing whilst eliminating dross from the surface to allow small holes to be cut at an optimal height. This innovation improves concentricity, cylindricity and perpendicularity of holes whilst extending consumable life and reducing piercing times. The advanced piercing system deposits dross and surface spatter through the pierced hole to provide a slag free cut surface, which eradicates the need for secondary finishing for end users.

The new FineLine 300HD also introduces a new water injection system that improves cutting performance on stainless and aluminium materials. Making the FineLine 300HD High Definition Plasma perfect for non-ferrous materials, the new watermist system further reduces dross on stainless steel and improves the cut quality on aluminium by using water as the secondary gas to control the atmosphere in the cutting zone.

The result for end-users is repeatable perpendicular edges, clean and precisely finished cuts, dross, smoke, and dust reduction as well as significantly reduced running costs. By reducing the heat-affected zone, the water injection system also improves the definition of corners, reduces bevels, and delivers a lower cost per cutting metre.

Also making its MACH debut will be the new Optima waterjet cutting machine. The new Optima machine is the most flexible machine available from Kerf with its ability to cut a broad range of materials from granite and stone through to titanium, inconel, duplex, super duplex, tool steel, composites, acrylic, polycarbonate and much more. The flexibility of the machine permits cutting of this vast selection of materials with no changes to the set-up other than the cutting speeds and feeds. The Optima is a premium grade machine with an excellent build quality featuring a heavy-duty CNC bridge design that will produce parts of the highest quality due to its rigidity and stability.

The Optima 216 that will be at MACH features a 2 by 1.6m cutting table that will appeal to manufacturers with limited floor areas that require a solution to undertake everything from one-off and general jobbing work through to batch production. It will also appeal to machine shops that want to produce precision cut blanks that will save considerable time on subsequent CNC machining tasks whilst also saving material consumption.

With its heavy-duty CNC bridge design and three-sided drive with digital AC servo motors on each axis and also 32mm precision ballscrew drives, the Optima Ultra High-Pressure Waterjet System demonstrates exceptional precision and repeatability with astounding stability and clean-cut edge finishes with no heat-affected zones. Incorporating a single abrasive cutting head that has a BFT intensifier pump with 37kW of power with 4137 bar pressure that is driven by an ESA CNC Control System complemented by IGEMS CAD/CAM and nesting software, this impressive addition to the Kerf portfolio will certainly impress visitors to MACH 2022.

To find out more about the unparalleled technology available from Kerf Developments and Lincoln Electric, please visit Stand 309 in Hall 17 at MACH 2022 where experts from both companies will be on-hand to discuss the ground-breaking developments.