FourJaw enhances job-tracking capabilities with platform upgrade

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FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics today launched FourJaw 2.2. The latest update includes major upgrades to work booking, FourJaw’s job tracking feature as well as upgrades to features that will provide a more intuitive and unified real-time and over-time view of the factory floor.

FourJaw CEO Chris Iveson (left) and CTO Robin Hartley-Willows (right)
FourJaw CEO Chris Iveson (left) and CTO Robin Hartley-Willows (right)

FourJaw 2.2 is a product update driven as a direct result of customer feedback. Key highlights of the new platform features include:

  • New work booking tools enabling managers to import, filter, track and export job data on the FourJaw platform. It is now faster and easier to load new jobs, update existing jobs and track job status within the FourJaw platform, and use data from FourJaw to inform production planning, pricing/quoting and factory improvement projects. 
  • Enhanced work-booking also makes life easier for machine operators. It is now quicker and easier for operators to review work lists, access job notes, assess progress and provide feedback to managers within the FourJaw platform. FourJaw 2.2 also makes it easier to switch allocated jobs between machines and operators, enabling greater flexibility and agility on the factory floor. 
  • FourJaw 2.2 also provides a custom asset hierarchy enabling production managers to create a bespoke digital map of their factory and processes. Particularly valuable for larger manufacturers with extensive machine monitoring needs, this capability shows how different machining cells, production lines, assembly areas and business units interact, helping managers to identify the root cause of production issues and new opportunities to improve throughput

Robin Hartley-Willows, CTO at FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, said: “FourJaw 2.2 is a major step forward for our manufacturing software platform. The new updates, as a result of customer feedback, have been designed to support more efficient, productive and responsive manufacturing environments.

"We are changing the game by offering new and improved insight to production managers and machine operators, streamlining data management, and enabling better collaboration across the factory.”

In October this year, FourJaw revealed that it had raised £1.8m from investors to enhance its technology and support continued growth. FourJaw’s customer base has more than doubled since the start of 2023, and the company now works with over 120 manufacturers worldwide in sectors including aerospace, automotive, energy and food production.

Manufacturers using FourJaw’s technology proactively typically achieve productivity gains of 10-20% and increase output capacity by as much as 30% within a year. Some have achieved savings delivering a complete return on their investment in FourJaw within a month of installation. 

Chris Borrett, investment director at Mercia Ventures, a FourJaw investor, said: “Manufacturing is an enormous industry that is undergoing massive digitisation. Until now individual machine data across the entire assembly line has been prohibitively expensive and cumbersome to install.

"FourJaw is changing the game, providing the data, the platform and the intelligence required for manufacturers from all sizes and sectors to radically evolve their operations.”