Combined Sodick 3D printing and milling unit debuts at MACH (stand 5470)

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Sodick’s unique combined 3D printer/milling centre, plus demonstrations of Sodick’s wire and die-sink EDM machines, will be shown on UK agent Sodi-Tech’s stand.

Seen for the first time in the UK, the new Sodick OPM250E metal 3D printer with integral linear motor drive milling centre represents “the industry’s first one-step solution for the entire metal 3D printer process”.

The OPM250E is able to achieve the high quality accuracy, precision and finish not possible to obtain by use of a laser process alone. First, a metal powder is uniformly laid down and then melted and solidified by scanning with a laser beam (this process can be repeated up to ten times) after which the surface is subjected to high speed milling with a rotary tool. Then the metal powder is uniformly coated again and the process is repeated until the component geometry is complete.

Accompanying this will be a Sodick AG60L die-sink machine that features all of Sodick’s latest technological innovations, including linear motor drives to the X, Y and Z axes, and both an electrode wear reduction circuit and a fine finishing circuit to ensure optimum manufacturing efficiency. In addition, the energy saving capability of the machine can reduce average energy consumption (compared to conventional EDMs) by up to 60%.

Sharing the limelight, the SLC600G wire EDM machine includes linear motor drives in the X, Y and Z axes, and features a full security enclosure and Smart Pulse Wire control with the Smart Pulse Generator and other technologies to improve cutting speed and precision. In common with the AG60L, the SL600G also comes with a 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee.