Start spreading the news - Autodesk's Digital Catalyst programme

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It’s all very well there being powerful digital tools available, but people have to know how to use them, often breaking with well-entrenched traditional approaches. Autodesk’s Digital Catalyst programme aims to confront that issue. Andrew Allcock explains

Autodesk’s Digital Catalyst programme started about four years ago, off the back off the company asking what it could do to make a difference to UK GDP, explains Asif Moghal, senior industry marketing manager, design and manufacturing. In visiting companies and asking them what their challenges were, he says: “The same thing kept coming back: they were too busy to go and explore what’s possible; what they thought was impossible was very easy to do; and they lacked an up-to-date digital design and manufacturing strategy. They all wanted to do something; they all recognised that the fourth industrial revolution [Industry 4.0] was coming, but most of the things that they were being offered were going over their heads. They just wanted to get something done, they knew what they wanted to do, but didn’t know if it was possible and needed help to get to move forward.”

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