Additive manufacturing: Next-generation systems

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Markforged is enabling more resilient and flexible supply chains with its 3D printers by bringing industrial production to the point of need. We caught up with Daniel Leong, senior product manager, to hear more

Q) How was MACH 2024 and did you engage in positive discussions about your technology?

The show was amazing. MACH 2024 was Markforged’s first time as a full exhibitor at MACH (we had previously only exhibited through our partner network), and it was great to meet thousands of real manufacturers solving real problems on their factory floors.

We engaged in hundreds if not thousands of discussions with manufacturers about how 3D printing (and Markforged) could bring transformative changes to their factory floors.

If anything, we were excited to see how many manufacturers visiting the show were early in their additive manufacturing journeys —
meaning they have so much opportunity to improve their operations. (

Feedback for FX10 at the show was extremely positive. We view and position FX10 as a tool designed to reliably output high value tools and fixtures. There is a real, tangible need for tools and fixtures, so it’s a natural fit.

Q) What are the benefits for companies that invest in an FX10 industrial 3D printer?

The FX10 (introduced at the end of 2023), was launched as ‘the most versatile tool designed for the factory floor’. It is designed to supercharge manufacturing line productivity and profitability, empowering users to print the right part when and where it is needed, reducing costs and cutting lead times from months to days compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

The primary benefits that FX10 has over competitive systems are part strength, reliability and accuracy, and connectivity. We achieve superior part strength with our proprietary Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR) technology, enabling us to lay long strands of Carbon Fibre into 3D printed parts.

Our machines are designed and built to be rugged, reliable, and accurate, and are backstopped by a suite of sensors that ensure parts come off the machine as they were designed.

And lastly, all of our machines are cloud connected (we also have offline software if needed), enabling users to go straight from design to physical part while managing a digital inventory of their designs.

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