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Schunk unveils first intelligent collaborative gripper, the Co-act Gripper JL1 22/08/2017

Schunk has launched its first intelligent collaborative gripper, the Co-act (collaborative actuator) Gripper JL1.Part of the company’s HRC (human-robot collaboration) series, it joins the SVH 5-finger hand, which is certified and approved for collaborative operation by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) organisation, but the JL1 incorporates more capabilities to keep humans safe, such as visual recognition and various sensors.  Read More

Masa Microconic sliding-head sub-spindle collet system boosts productivity 11/04/2017

Available from Floyd Automatic Tooling, the Masa Microconic workholding system for sliding-head lathe sub-spindles is claimed to offer revolutionary benefits that support large gains in productivity.  Read More

Schunk Pronto Prism jaws allow different geometries to be clamped fast, flexibly and safely in a lathe chuck 24/01/2017

First unveiled at the EMO 2013 exhibition in Germany and since expanded, the Schunk Pronto Prism is now available in the UK. It boasts jaws that allow different geometries to be clamped fast, flexibly and safely in a lathe chuck, with just 15 seconds required for a complete change of three-jaw set.  Read More

Roemheld Flexline supports fully automatic clamping of dies onto press rams 17/01/2017

The Roemheld Flexline rapid clamping system with push chain is for the fully automatic clamping onto press rams of dies of varying sizes.  Read More

Röhm RZM NC 5-axis vices available from ETG Workholding 22/12/2016

ETG Workholding, a supply partner for Röhm GmbH, now offers the RZM NC-centric clamping vice for 5-axis machining. The vice features high jaws and clamping security without the need for any additional substructures or special jaws. It holds the workpiece with a minimum interference contour due to its compact footprint.  Read More

WNT magnetic clamps are system-neutral 05/12/2016

WNT’s latest magnetic clamping technology is system-neutral and can be used with all conventional machining centres.  Read More

MACH 2018 – new upgraded home for UK’s première manufacturing technology show 02/12/2016

Exhibitors and visitors to 2018’s MACH exhibition (9-13 April at Birmingham’s NEC) can expect both a better exhibition experience and supporting facilities.  Read More

Hainbuch CentroteX offers quick changeovers for even larger parts 03/11/2016

Allowing for the clamping of components up to 300 mm, Hainbuch has extended its CentroteX quick changeover clamping system. As a result, users can now choose the correct workholding module in the knowledge that changeovers and set-ups can be conducted with ease and speed – typically less than 5 minutes (according to Hainbuch).  Read More

Kurt DX6 CrossOver vice now available from CIS 28/09/2016

Kurt’s newly developed DX6 CrossOver vice is said to offer improved workholding strength and performance where flatness and parallelism are critical. The DX6 CrossOver is interchangeable with Kurt’s D688 vice, with the same bed height and distance from keyway to stationary jaw.  Read More

MACH 2018 website live; space ballot process set for kick-off 19/08/2016

With a successful MACH 2016 exhibition behind it, show organiser and trade association the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has already got the MACH 2018 event in its sights, unveiling a website and kicking off the space ballot process.  Read More

Leader launches Orange Vise collaboration with CARVEsmart at MACH (stand 5304) 15/02/2016

Leader Chuck Systems is a distributor of chucking, stationary clamping, gripping and workholding products, including the US brand Orange Vise.   Read More

Fast Schunk EGP gripper designed for small parts 13/06/2014

The Schunk EGP 25-speed mechatronic gripper for small components is claimed to be the smallest electric gripper with integrated electronics on the market. Moreover, Schunk also says it has the fastest stroke-to-closing-time ratio. With a maximum stroke of 3 mm, it takes just 0.03 seconds for its fingers to close.   Read More

Schunk Pronto retrofit quick jaw change system 16/04/2014

The five second per jaw changeover time quoted for the Schunk retrofit Pronto quick jaw change system will speed set-up for all standard lathe chucks that have fine serrations of 1/16-inch by 90° and 1.5 mm by 60°.   Read More

MACH 2014 - 1st Machine Tool Accessories to reveal three new Kitagawa products 03/04/2014

New Kitagawa products from 1st MTA three Kitagawa products that are new to the UK, as well as a range of other wares from the workholding specialist (Hall 5, Stand: 5228 at MACH 2014 [7-11 April, Birmingham NEC]).  Read More

WDS supports 1,000 mph Bloodhound SSC project 26/02/2014

WDS is supporting the Bloodhound Project in its bid to set a 1,000 mph land speed record next year.  Read More

SinterGrip’s teeth provide at-the-edge solid stable workpiece holding 21/01/2014

SMW Autoblok has launched OML's SinterGrip inserts, which meet the demand for a device capable of achieving safe clamping at the edge of hard steel, aluminium or titanium workpieces. The SinterGrip, which requires only a 3.5 mm clamping area, is non-deforming and does not involve the use of a special machine or tool, or pre-machining.   Read More

High efficiency machining seminar involves Delcam, Seco Tools (UK) and Roemheld 18/11/2013

CAM software developer Delcam, cutting tool manufacturer Seco and workholding specialist Roemheld will present a joint seminar on high efficiency machining at Seco's recently-opened premises in Alcester, Warwickshire, on Thursday, 5 December.   Read More

Workholding system from NCMT can reduce set-ups and costs 19/03/2013

Under a new agency agreement with the US manufacturer Techni-Grip, NCMT will be marketing an alternative to the traditional machine vice for component clamping.  Read More

Slimmed down design Quadrok vice has 60 kN grasp on the essentials 07/11/2012

A slimmed down version of the Quadrok vice is available from Hainbuch.   Read More

Hainbuch ToPlus mini series power chucks offer more for less 06/11/2012

ToPlus mini series power chucks from Hainbuch are 38% lighter, 33.3% smaller in diameter and 25% shorter overall than the standard ToPlus.  Read More

Chick vices support efficient machining at Hepco Slide Systems 02/07/2012

A pair of One-Lok vices from the US manufacturer Chick (1st MTA) is boosting productivity at the Tiverton factory of Hepco Slide Systems, a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems. The company is currently using the vices to speed set-ups for production runs on a Hurco vertical machining centre. The workholding units are, however, easily transferrable to any machine on the shopfloor.  Read More

Norbar Torque Tools sees benefits with Roemheld Star Zero Point investment 30/06/2012

Norbar Torque Tools, the world's leading torque specialist, chose a Stark Zero Point system from Roemheld to achieve the desired improvements in quality and repeatability, while also reducing set-up times at its Banbury plant.  Read More

Flat quick-change pallets allow direct clamping of small workpieces 01/12/2011

At just 20 mm high, Schunk says its Vero-S NSE mini is the flattest pneumatic quick-change pallet module in the world and, thus, ideal for retrofitting to existing machines to allow direct clamping of small workpieces.  Read More

Lang electropermanent magnetic chuck 04/11/2011

Lang electropermanent magnetic chuck in use on a 5-axis machine tool.   Read More

SMW Autoblok Shaft Chuck W 04/11/2011

SMW Autoblok Shaft Chuck W  Read More

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