To round-off the autonomy of the machine, it can be equipped with a pick-and-place system that can be used to store bars up to a length of 330 mm in a magazine located next to the machining area. Once the first bar has been finished, the magazine opens and the manipulator arm picks the following bar up to load it into the 5-axis dividing head. The workpiece is clamped, the magazine closes and the machining cycles can be restarted.

If preferred, the CU2007 can be combined with a robot cell. The 6-axis robot can load and unload workpieces, and turn them over. An additional gripper system is used to handle the workpiece pallets.

The machine has three types of tool magazine available that have a capacity of 16, 24 or 40 tools. At the heart of the CU2007, the spindle can also be configured according to workpiece requirements. Three spindle types are available: a 12,000 rpm high-torque option; a 20,000 rpm variant for high torque and speed; and a 40,000 rpm high-speed option.