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High feed rates with Tungaloy HFM mills

Tungaloy UK has introduced its new TungForceFeed small diameter high-feed milling cutter. With a tool diameter range from 8 to 16 mm, the TungForceFeed caters for a diameter range smaller than the existing DoFeed series....

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Small-part turning tools released by NTK

NTK Cutting Tools is releasing its Stick Duo Splash cartridge insert line for the turning of small parts. Stick Duo Splash inserts direct high-pressure coolant at the ......

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Larger inserts for Seco High Feed 2 cutter

Seco Tools is introducing a range of larger LP09 inserts for use with its High Feed 2 cutter bodies. The latest inserts, featuring higher insert-corner strength and dual ......

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NTK introduces high-feed face mills

High material removal rates when machining aluminium alloys is a common task that NTK says it has taken to a new level with the arrival of its Hyper Feed Cutter (HFC) ......