PostProcess Technologies’ first European office is in Sophia-Antipolis, the technology hub near Nice, France. PostProcess Technologies International, the global arm of PPT, is led by Bruno Bourguet, a seasoned global executive with proven success in establishing revolutionary enterprise technology solutions. Previously, he was the global head of sales for HERE, the digital map company acquired by a consortium of German automotive companies.

Says Bourguet: “While we have an immediate solution to automate post-printing for support removal and surface finish, the real power of the PostProcess technology is its capability to enable digital manufacturing in a factory 4.0 environment. There is high interest from companies in Europe in our solutions and the role that automated post-printing plays in unleashing the power of 3D printing.”

PPT’s technology automates the final stages of 3D printing (support removal and surface finish), which allows for automated production of customer-ready 3D parts. This is fundamental to scaling 3D printing for mass customisation. The solutions are automated, digitised systems that enable full digitalisation of additive manufacturing for the Industry 4.0 factory floor.

PPT’s solutions integrate software, hardware and chemistry, designed specifically for additive manufacturing, to create unique, transformative results. The software operating intelligence has been built by benchmarking more than 500,000 parts of all print technologies and continues to learn from its growing installed base of machines.

Says Jeff Mize, CEO, PostProcess: “The additive space is rapidly growing, our customers are global leaders across every major industry and they are eager for automated post-printing solutions in Europe as well. Customers value the unparalleled consistency of results they are able to achieve with our technology. It is simply not replicable or scalable without a software-driven