Of modular design, a large number of variants possible is, meaning that the Flexline can be used on virtually all press models and for any die. It is suitable for initial installation or retrofitting onto individual presses, as well as for the automation of entire press lines.

It can be used with dies of varying geometries and clamping edge dimensions. Numerous monitoring options, different adjustment tracks and versions for varying slot widths complement the range of applications. Flexline systems are available for four different T-slot widths.

The core of the system comprises electro-mechanically driven push chains that automatically move the selected clamping element from the parking position to the clamping edge of the ram. The maximum adjustment tracks can be selected from 660, 820 or 1,100 mm. The central control unit applies the pressure evenly for all clamping elements, ensuring uniform securing of dies.

Flexline can be fitted with hollow piston and spring clamping cylinders, as well as sliding clamps.Both single-action and dual-action versions are available, with maximum clamping forces up to 104 kN per clamping point.

The spring clamping cylinder version is designed for unpressurised long-term clamping of dies and is ideal for applications in high temperatures.

Different diameters, operating pressures and clamping forces can be selected when using sliding clamps and hollow piston cylinders. Four different versions of the latter are available, including a compact, single-action cylinder with 90 mm diameter. At an operating pressure of 400 bar, it can achieve a retention force of 104 kN. The larger cylinder with a diameter of 105 mm is self-locking and achieves similar clamping forces but at considerably lower pressures up to 245 bar.

The automatic motion sequence and integrated control systems ensure high operational safety.An inductive sensor signals whether the clamping element is in the parking position or securing position. Optional micro-switches are available that indicate the stopping points and the end of the chain.

Both the die position monitor and the drive motor are attachable on either the left or the right.Roemheld can also provide customised solutions, including versions for use in tight spaces or with different drives and clamping elements.