This bold claim is based upon the carbide grade developed by Guhring for the RT100XF, which performs a balancing act between hardness and toughness. The special structure of the grade has a re-sharpening effect, so breakages that normally accelerate tool wear no longer occur. This effect is supplemented by the company’s existing nanoFire coating system, which has been created by a specially designed pre and post-treatment that smooths the coating and makes it significantly more robust.

The design and geometry of the RT100XF supports the robust performance of the carbide grade and surface treatment with an early double margin support that enhances coaxiality to deliver the desired bore size and roundness. Guhring’s RT100XF is suitable for holes from 5xD upwards.

Support chamfers are included that ensure running smoothness, while polished flutes serve to reduce the heat input into the component and support the fast evacuation of chips. Additionally, the point geometry is protected by a negative chamfer, which makes the cutting edge robust and durable.

Rounded edge preparation on the RT100XF produces a stable and efficient cutting edge; this rounding is produced with micron precision, something made possible by Guhring’s manufacturing competence.

With regard to workpiece materials, the through-coolant drills are suitable for structural and case-hardened steels, free-cutting and heat-treated steels, titanium, Inconel, Nimonic, and Hastelloy.

Available in 5xD and 7xD, the drills can be purchased in diameters from 3 to 20 mm diameter, in 0.1 mm increments. The series is also offered in all common imperial dimensions.