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WorkNC 2019 R1 from Vero ends tool shape limitation

The latest release (2019 R1) of WorkNC from Vero Software allows users to break free from previous constraints caused by tool shapes, reducing cycle times by up to 74%. The CAM software adds the ‘Z-Level’ pattern to the ‘Advanced Toolform’ technology, allowing for tool shapes like barrel, oval and parabolic to be calculated over the part surfaces, ......

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Small-part turning tools released by NTK

NTK Cutting Tools is releasing its Stick Duo Splash cartridge insert line for the turning of small parts. Stick Duo Splash inserts direct high-pressure coolant at the ......

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ExOne unveils X1 25PRO 3D printer

ExOne is releasing its latest 3D printing system, the X1 25PRO. Combining the fine metal injection moulding (‘MIM’) powder capability of ExOne’s Innovent+ machine with ......