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Workholding technology is more widespread than you might think. You can you find HAINBUCH technology used to manufacture such everyday objects as Hip joints, Turbochargers, Printer rollers, Automobile and Marine engines, Aircraft wings, Saxophone keys and Ravioli cans. All this and much more is manufactured using our innovative clamping technology. HAINBUCH is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of extremely precise and exceptionally rigid work holding solutions. We specialize in difficult applications yielding exceptional results.Todays Machine tool and Precision engineering sectors now routinely work to micron tolerances, the workholding is key in maintaining these tolerances and transferring them to the finished work piece. We can supply amazing solutions for all types of static and rotating workholding applications.Take a look at our website for some of our application solutions or ring us to discuss your specific requirement. We are sure you will not be dissapointed

Trade Names

  • Centrex
  • Hainbuch
  • Kaptex
  • Mando
  • Manok
  • Quadrok
  • Spanntop
  • TOPlus