Directory of Machinery Suppliers and Consultancies

Supplier Directory


Search for manufacturing and machinery consumables/materials ranging from parting agents to heat treatment salts using the supplier category list below.
Abrasives  (77)
Find suppliers of abrasives including tape, sponges, sanding pads, scouring bricks and more.
Aluminium/Aluminium Alloys  (42)
Aluminium-zinc, aluminium-silicon, aluminium manganese, aluminium-lithium and more.
Ballscrews  (43)
Locate suppliers of ballscrews and other mechanical linear actuators.
Bearing Heaters  (13)
Suppliers of bearing heaters to facilitate the mounting of bearings onto shafts.
Bearing Monitors  (10)
Find suppliers of bearing monitors with Machinery's consumables/materials supplier list.
Bearing Units  (68)
Suppliers of bearing units such as plummer blocks, pillow blocks, hangers, flanges and more.
Bearings  (168)
Thrust ball, telescopic linear ball, self-lubricating, rolling, plain and other bearing suppliers.
Beryllium/Beryllium Alloys  (5)
Search for suppliers of beryllium and beryllium alloys.
Blackening Salts/Solutions  (6)
Locate suppliers of blackening salts and blackening solutions including room temperature.
Blasting Nozzles  (20)
Search for suppliers of blasting nozzles using the machinery supplier directory.
Blasting Shot, Beads  (19)
Cut wire type blasting shot, glass and plastic shot blasting beads and lead shot suppliers.
Brazing Alloys  (13)
Find suppliers of brazing alloy rods, ribbons, powder, pastes, creams, wire and more.
Brazing Fluxes  (12)
Locate suppliers of brazing fluxes for use in the metal-joining process.
Brushes  (13)
Suppliers of tube cleaning, rotary, wire rotary and rubberised rotary brushes.
Carbon Minerals (Incl. Diamond)  (33)
Carbon mineral suppliers including diamond, graphite, carbon and carbon fibre.
Case-Hardening Compounds  (1)
Find suppliers of case-hardening compounds for use in the surface metal hardening process.
Ceramics  (24)
Ceramics including electrical porcelain, aluminium oxide, porcelain, glass and others.
Chromium/Chromium Alloys  (11)
Chromium-copper, chromium-titanium, chromium-nickel and chromium-aluminium.
Cleaning materials, Soap/Rags/Wipes  (21)
Cleaning materials such as soaps, rags, wipes, hand cleansing soaps and more.
Cleaning/Degreasing  (39)
Cleaning and degreasing compounds and fluids including alkaline chemicals and more.
Cobalt/Cobalt Alloys  (9)
Cobalt alloys including cobalt-iron, cobalt-tungsten, cobalt-nickel, cobalt-aluminium and more.
Columbium/Columbium Alloys  (2)
Locate suppliers of columbium and columbium alloys.
Composites, Ceramic Matrix  (5)
Ceramic matrix composites such as glass reinforced, carbon reinforced and more.
Coolants/Cutting Oils  (43)
Suppliers of cutting oils, coolants and coolant additives.
Copper/Copper Alloys  (58)
Copper alloys such as copper-zinc, copper-sulphur, copper-cobalt and more.
Deburring Media  (7)
Deburring media including ceramic, synthetic, precision and natural media.
EDM  (10)
EDM wire cut springs, drill guides, flush caps, bearings, nozzles, wire cutters, belts and more.
Expanded Materials  (8)
Find suppliers of expanded materials including foam and other lightweight materials.
Expanded Sheets  (11)
Search for suppliers of expanded sheets including punched, split and stretched expanded sheets.
Filters  (182)
Find suppliers of filters including intake water filters, pneumatic vacuum filters, solvent filters and more.
Gases  (1)
Nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gas suppliers.
Gold/Gold Alloys  (4)
Gold-tin, gold-silver, gold-silicon, gold-platinum, gold-nickel, gold-iron and other gold alloys.
Grinding Media  (11)
Locate suppliers of grinding media including grinding balls and ceramic grinding media.
Heat Treatment Salts  (3)
Search for suppliers of heat treatment salts for use with quenching and more.
Iron/Iron Alloys  (19)
Iron alloys including malleable iron, compacted graphite cast iron, wrought iron and others.
Lead/Lead Alloys  (5)
Suppliers of lead alloys including lead-bronze, lead-tin, lead-silver, lead-copper, lead-calcium and more.
Lithium/Lithium Alloys  (2)
Lithium alloys including lithium tantalate and lithium niobate.
Lubricants/Oils  (98)
Lubricants and oils for use with mould release, heat treatment, corrosion inhibitors and more.
Magnesium/Magnesium Alloys  (3)
Magnesium-zirconium, magnesium-zinc, magnesium-tin and other magnesium alloys.
Manganese/Manganese Alloys  (4)
Manganese alloys including manganese-copper and manganese-nickel alloys.
Marking, Compounds  (6)
Locate suppliers of marking compounds to create high contrast markings on a variety of metals.
Molybdenum/Molybdenum Alloys  (3)
Suppliers of molybdenum alloys including molybdenum-tungsten and molybdenum-titanium.
Nickel/Nickel Alloys  (38)
Nickel and nickel alloys including nickel-chromium, nickel-iron, waspaloy, nimonics more.
Plastics  (157)
Plastics including silastic, eccosil, ureaformaldehyde, rigid SIL, polyimide, liquid crystal PES and others.
Polishing  (25)
Suppliers of polishing materials and consumables such as wheels, sponges, mops, bobs and more.
Rumbling Powder  (4)
Find suppliers of plastic and ceramic rumbling powder.
Screws, Linear Roller  (22)
Locate suppliers of linear roller screws for use in high-speed, heavy-load and heavy-use applications.
Silver/Silver Alloys  (7)
Silver alloys including silver-tin, silver-platinum, silver-palladium, silver-magnesium and more.
Slewing Rings  (17)
Find suppliers of ball bearing and other slewing rings.
Slides  (40)
Search for suppliers of linear roller and linear ball slides.
Steels  (106)
Steel including zinc-coated, tin-plated, silicon, high carbon, enamelled, leaded, cobalt and more.
Tapes, NC Program Instruction  (1)
Search for suppliers of numeric control program instruction tapes.
Tin/Tin Alloy  (5)
Tin alloys such as tin zinc, tin phosphorus, tin lead, tin copper and tin antimony.
Titanium/Titanium Alloys  (13)
Titanium-vanadium, titanium-silicon, titanium-nickel and other titanium alloys.
Tungsten/Tungsten Alloys  (4)
Tantalum tungsten, tungsten-vanadium, tungsten-titanium, tungsten-thorium and more.
Vanadium/Vanadium Alloys  (4)
Suppliers of vanadium titanium, vanadium chromium and other vanadium alloys.
Vibratory Finishing Media  (13)
Find suppliers of vibratory finishing media including tubs, bowls, duals and dryers.
Welding, Rods, Wire, Gases etc.  (39)
Tubular welding rods, inert shield gases, aerosol sprays, wire, studs, rods, gases and more.
Zinc/Zinc Alloys  (10)
Zinc-vanadium, zinc-nickel, zinc-lead, zinc-copper and zinc-aluminium alloys.