The WTX Speed range of solid carbide drills has seen a change to its cutting geometry that has maximised the tool’s productivity potential. This newly developed cutting edge is combined with the recently introduced universal DPX14S, a universal Dragonskin coating. DPX14S has an extremely low co-efficient of friction, which guarantees an extended service life; double that of similar competitor products, says the company. This combination also means that achievable cutting speeds can doubled.

WNT’s second development is to the WTX Feed range of solid-carbide drills, with the addition of Dragonskin coating DPX74S. Along with an evolution in the geometry, the addition of DPX74S has resulted in major improvements to service life, along with an extension to the application range of WTX Feed drills. Process security is also enhanced by the polished flutes that help to maximise swarf evacuation.