The unit can cut metal, composite materials, glass, stone, tile, rubber, plastic, wood and more. With the T- model, companies can cut virtually any material using the same cutting tool, up to 200 mm thick.

Boasting Fanuc CNC, the machine system is powered by intensifier pumps from BFT and KMT, the leading American and European high pressure pump manufacturers, while it comes with WJS’ extended five-year performance warranty. This sees the company guarantee that it will maintain the same tolerance requirements after five years, or 10 000 hours, as was the case when the machine was first delivered.

Underpinning this are design features such as: ballscrews having a low pitch (20 mm/turn) to give a smooth movement with high resolution and accuracy when cutting, while not impacting greatly time lost in rapid traverse; stable and straight X- and Y-axis movement for consistent cutting quality that is made possible by two wide guide rails on the Y-axis (main 90 mm and support 35 mm), with the X-axis beam having a 70 mm guide for steady Z-axis travel.