Developed with a double-sided, 10-cornered M-class insert, TurnTenFeed can offer cutting depths to 7 mm and a maximum feed per revolution of 2 mm. To attain robust and rigid machining conditions, Tungaloy has introduced two tool-holder configurations: the HF tool holder for high-feed turning and the HD holder for large depths of cut.

The tool holders are available in shank dimensions of 25 or 32 mm square, while a precision seat ensures positional repeatability and clamping stability underpinned by a dovetail clamping system that is designed to improve chip flow. Furthermore, with just a spring pin, lever and clamping screw, TurnTenFeed demonstrates rapid insert changes with positional repeatability.

TurnTenFeed tool holders have been developed with a 108° obtuse angle. Although this design has not been developed for machining corners, the material removal capabilities and productivity rates lead to machining efficiency improvements beyond 130%, which are proven under test conditions, says Tungaloy. To achieve such productivity gains, R&D engineers at Tungaloy have introduced an MNW-style chip breaker that features protrusions on the rake face to facilitate smooth and efficient swarf flow, while providing crater and wear resistance. In addition, the 10-sided inserts have been designed with a straight-wiper design that is built into the cutting edge to facilitate higher machining performance and feed rates.

The TurnTenFeed inserts have been produced with three different Tungaloy grade compositions that cater for a range of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and aerospace-grade aluminium, nickel and cobalt alloys. The T9125, T9215 and T9225 insert grades have TiCN and TiAlN compositions that are said to maximise tool life, consistency and performance when machining large components or operating unmanned.