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Inserts for milling and copy milling, plus extended copy-milling cutter range from Dormer Pramet 29/11/2017

Dormer Pramet has launched a milling grade for general machining applications in a variety of engineering materials, particularly steels; a new range of copy-milling inserts; plus additional copy-milling cutters .   Read More

Widia VSM17 90° shoulder-milling tools boast impressive material removal rates and chip clearance 29/11/2017

The Widia VSM17 line of 90° shoulder-milling tools offers an aggressive ramping angle of up to 8.8° with a well-guided internal coolant supply, both of which combine to generate impressive material removal rates and chip clearance. ITC is the UK supplier.  Read More

TDM Shopfloor Manager software for the TDM 2017 Global Line satisfies individual customer needs 28/11/2017

The TDM Shopfloor Manager software for the TDM 2017 Global Line is easy to configure to individual customer needs.  Read More

CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4 four-tooth solid carbide milling cutter 1-8 mm diameter for 54 HRC materials 28/11/2017

Part of the CrazyMill range developed by Swiss tool manufacturer Mikron Tool for milling in small dimensions with highest performance and quality, CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4 four-tooth solid carbide milling cutter is offered in diameters of from 1 to 8 mm, for milling depths of up to 5xD and all materials up to a hardness of 54 HRC, taking in stainless steels, titanium, heat-resistant alloys based on nickel and chrome-cobalt-alloys. It is suitable for pre-finishing and fine-finishing.  Read More

Ceratizit WNT WTX -Change Feed believed "world’s first three-edged exchangeable head drilling system" 27/11/2017

Combining Ceratizit WNT’s WTX – Feed and the WTX-Change drilling systems is the WTX-Change Feed, a three-flute drilling system with interchangeable carbide drill heads that is capable of achieving higher cutting data in the most challenging of applications.  Read More

Pramet SBN10 high feed cutters are versatile 27/11/2017

Pramet SBN10 cutters take in high feed cutters and inserts for productive machining of a wide variety of materials, supporting copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging.  Read More

Aerospace alloy machining given a boost with Sandvik Coromant CoroMill Plura HFS end-mills 24/11/2017

To enhance milling performance on ISO S materials, cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant offers the CoroMill Plura HFS (High Feed Side milling) series of end-mills featuring unique geometries and grades. It is for parts made from titanium and nickel-based alloys, bringing benefits to both aerospace engine and frame applications.  Read More

Widia indexable insert cutting tool VSM490 eliminates finishing operations and improves productivity 24/11/2017

Described as the ultimate shoulder-milling solution for step-down applications, the VSM490 Series of Widia indexable insert cutting tools eliminates finishing operations and improves productivity when machining a wide variety of materials.   Read More

Element Six’s CTB004 PCD grade meets automotive industry needs 11/11/2017

?Element Six’s CTB004 is a new grade of PCD (polycrystalline diamond), customised to meet the demands for the automotive industry.  Read More

Cast iron rough and finish machining developments from Kennametal 08/11/2017

Kennametal offers new solutions for roughing and fine finishing of cast iron parts, delivering lowest cost per part and consistently superior part quality. For roughing, it is expanding the Mill 16 platform by introducing new cutter body styles, new insert geometries and grades, and a split case design for large diameter bodies that reduces spindle bearing loads. For finishing, Kennametal is introducing three insert grades.  Read More

Kennametal has added to its range of Duo-Lock modular end-mills 07/11/2017

The initial release of Duo-Lock included more than 400 line items, with a number of small additions made earlier this spring, but the latest expansion more than doubles the existing cutting tip product offering.  Read More

Engis tools make honing available on machining centres 07/11/2017

Engis UK offers customers a tooling solution which effectively replaces the expensive and highly skilled ‘black art’ of honing and puts the process firmly into the range of standard, repeatable and cost-effective machining centre tasks, on standard vertical and horizontal CNC equipment.  Read More

Element Six’s PureCut PCBN offers extended tool life 04/11/2017

?Element Six’s PureCut PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) is engineered using a unique grade design, proven to extend tool life in machining by up to 50%, compared to industry benchmark grades  Read More

BIG Kaiser digital boring heads with wireless connectivity offer user benefits 03/11/2017

A new generation of BIG Kaiser digital boring heads with wireless connectivity is now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).  Read More

Kennametal KCSM40 insert grade for high speed titanium machining 02/11/2017

Kennametal has responded to requests for a new carbide grade to machine titanium 6Al4V at higher cutting speeds, rather than increasing feed rates or increasing depth of cuts that result in increased cutting forces on the workpiece, fixtures and machine spindles.  Read More

Roemheld wedge clamp innovation 02/11/2017

Roemheld has unveiled a number of wedge clamp developments for die clamping.  Read More

Kennametal TDS45x drills are for stainless steel and superalloys 02/11/2017

Aimed at those drilling stainless steel and superalloys, Kennametal TDS45x drills with through-tool coolant supply are available in 3.0 to 20.0 mm diameters and length to diameter ratios of 3xD, 5xD, and 8XD. Hole straightness and accuracy is assured, even without a pilot hole. This new range joins the existing TDS45 range that tackles steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys.  Read More

ITC 3041 Cyber Series three-flute square end-milling cutters get radii 01/11/2017

ITC's 3041 Cyber Series of three-flute square end-milling cutters for machining aluminium components is expanded with a complete selection of corner radii.  Read More

Kennametal’s KenTIP FS modular drill competes with solid carbide designs 01/11/2017

Kennametal’s KenTIP FS brings together the strengths of the company’s KSEM modular drill system and low feed force drill KenTIP. The resulting fusion is a 6 to 26 mm diameter, 1.5 to 12xD modular drill that’s simple to use, produces good hole quality and is tough enough to compete with solid carbide drills across a wide range of materials.   Read More

Roemheld die-changing cart for 1,000 kg loads 31/10/2017

Roemheld now offers a transport cart for dies weighing up to 1,000 kg that sees dies moved either manually or by auxiliary electric drive. (Other models accommodate weights of up to 500 kg and up to 1,600 kg, the latter being electrically driven.)   Read More

New tool holders offer firm grip on progress 25/10/2017

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new range of CoroTurn Prime multi-task and axial type tool holders to help machine shops implement the new PrimeTurning methodology, which enables turning in all directions.   Read More

Pibomulti 360° auto adjustable angle head eliminates need for multiple units 15/09/2017

New from Pibomulti is a 360° auto adjustable angle head that allows 360° orientation of a right-angle head in either internal or external machining operations.  Read More

WNT's CircularLine CCR-UNI is for trochoidal milling 14/09/2017

The latest addition to the WNT Mastertool series of solid carbide cutters is the CircularLine CCR-UNI for trochoidal milling, with end-mills offering 4xD or 3xD, the latter having a shorter chipbreaker and providing maximum chip evacuation.  Read More

Silvent Pro One airgun is quietly effective 13/09/2017

Silvent’s Pro One airgun has a specially designed, patented nozzle in stainless steel. This allows an effective blowing force and a low noise level, offering a reduction in sound level of more than 10 dB(A).  Read More

Quickgrind Qplus high performance end-mills cover broad material and process range 11/09/2017

Maximum tooling performance with minimal inventory and costs is possible with Quickgrind’s Qplus range of high performance end-mill. With Qplus, machine shops can use a single tool for a multitude of applications and materials.  Read More

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