The ground APCT 1705 PER-ML insert grade is characterised by its sharp helical cutting edge geometry that demonstrates high performance with regard to tool life and machining performance, says the company. In addition, the insert is said to improve surface finish, especially on challenging materials, where it minimises built-up-edge. For existing APKT 17 insert users looking to improve precision and surface finish, the APCT 1705 PER-ML is a good alternative, reports TaeguTec. This insert designation is available in the company’s coated TT9080 and TT8080 grades

For aluminium machining, TaeguTec has introduced the APCT 1705 PER-AL line. This insert has a ground cutting edge on the main face and wiper edge. The uncoated K10 insert grade is the company’s first choice for aluminium machining applications.