Suitable for both cobots and conventional industrial robots, PLOC2D and PLB 520 have been developed specifically to support affordable, or entry-level automation and for use in handling smaller parts and components.

The Sick PLOC2D is an easy set-up vision system for 2D localisation of parts, products or packages to be picked from a static workstation, moving belt or feeder system. The SICK PLB 520 uses a stereoscopic vision camera to enable 3D vision-guided bin picking applications of much smaller objects than was previously possible.

Both systems combine high performance image processing hardware with a powerful Sick-developed algorithm to deliver ‘out of the box’ integration with pick-and-place robots. They have been developed to be directly compatible and simple to integrate with most leading industrial robot systems, including cobots such as those from Universal Robots.

Says the company: “These solutions are the first for Sick, using its new AppSpace software development platform, to deliver easy-to-use vision-guided part localisation for robotics. They open up new applications for robotics, so production engineers and machine designers alike can use cobots flexibly for different uses across a production facility, and even test out different automated processes. This sort of robotics is often not a high speed substitute for manual picking but replaces a human’s repetitive and mundane task with a safer, high consistency alternative.”