Adapted for tooling with Capto C6, Capto C8 or Steadyline GL50 connections, the new holders can accommodate a wide range of multi-tooth chasers or single-tooth inserts for external and internal threading operations.

(Video shows square-shank versions; US source)

They can produce API (American Petroleum Industry) and commonly licensed thread profiles across the full range of oil country tubular goods materials.

Together, these holders and inserts can reduce the number of passes required to consistently produce high precision complete thread profiles.

Thread Chaser holders rely on top and axial clamping forces to maintain a tight insert grip during the threading process. These clamping forces result in long, predictable insert life and lower tooling costs.

The combination of a chip-breaker geometry and direct coolant, delivered through the insert and chipbeaker, optimises chip formation and helps increase tool life.

The holders ensure precise and consistent insert positioning, high rigidity and effective chip evacuation by using special carbide pin locating systems, patented pocket seat surface patterns and high pressure coolant delivery. Maximum pressures reach 70 bar on the new Steadyline and Capto versions of the thread-chaser holders, and 200 bar on square-shank versions.